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Winthrop Public Schools is a great place for children to grow. After spending my entire life in Winthrop and going through the school system I know there is nowhere else I'd rather be and can't wait to come back and work in the school system myself.
Winthrop high lacks diversity, good teachers, academics, etc. The teachers do not care about the education and well being of students. Did not prepare me for college at all. The food is horrible, the sport teams are unfair and lack coaching.
Winthrop high school is a pretty good school. Their education is phenomenal. Through my years in high school, I felt like I’ve learned a lot. It’s also a pretty nice school. It was built 2 years ago, and it’s lovely.
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They really make you feel like you belong. From the moment you step foot on campus, you feel an overwhelming peace, knowing that you've found your niche.
Winthrop is a very small town so it was natural we all knew each other at school. The professors were given minimal materials to teach yet they went above and beyond what they are required to do. Teachers were willing to stay long hours to help students. Unfortunately any funding the school got was spent mostly on the football team rather than academics. Playing sports was fun but highly expensive, students are charged $250 per sport.
Overall a very safe and loving environment to grow through where it often feels more like a family than anything else and it is overall easy to talk one on one with a teacher or faculty member.
My experience at Winthrop public schools was very good because of the faculty there. The school is small compared many other schools in that area but still offers diversity among the student body. The faculty will gladly assist student with extra help in education and in life. I still have close ties with many of my old teachers and without there help i would not be the person i am today.
its ok, i only went here for a short amount of time and the people were nice but it was hit or miss with people and everyone is very childish here so its quite frustraiting to deal with to be honest.
The teachers there are all really supportive and you're almost promised to do well if you put in effort. There is always people to help you with school or really anything. A lot of people from the community get involved to help the kids to stay healthy mentally and to keep the majority away from drugs and alcohol. The main issue is administration is a little all over the place and hard to get a hold of when trying to fix something. They definitely play favorites because it is a small town but that's to be expected.
The school system is just fine it's just sometimes the school hires teachers who don't know how to teach or deal with children.
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