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Windsor C-I School District Reviews

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The teachers are amazing !
Really know the kids as individuals which is a rarity these days . The curriculum has been improving yearly and is beginning to include more stem activities which is needed in this day and age. I wish there were more non sports activities and that they were considered as important as the Sports teams. Overall we feel that our school district is one of the best !
I love the district! Everyone is so welcoming, and wants you to succeed. Even from an early age, I felt welcomed and that I could accomplish anything. The schools are also fairly small so it's easy to navigate and not get lost. I also love the teachers as all of them want to prepare you for life as best as possible. At Windsor you are taught study skills, academics and amazing life lessons. There is also a wide variety of clubs and activities at Windsor, which allows each student to discover who they truly are. The school is also extremely safe, as there were new entrances put in within the last year in order to ensure every students safety. The administration is the best, and they are all so kind and care about each student individually. The parent in the community at Windsor are also very caring and want every student to have the best experience at Windsor and they are always so supportive.
Windsor C-1 School District has great teachers and staff, a clean campus, and a variety of after school activities, including but not limited to sports, the musical, the Golden Brigade, the dance team, Spanish and French club, and the GSA club. A very supportive environment and many resources for those who need them.
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They must be adding pre k into class room size because each year we have had the largest allowed by the state. I've also seen bullying happen right in front of teachers without consequence.
In the summer school program they offer a boys you tube channel fun class that covers stem and a girls you tube channel fun class that covers making lipgloss...
Staff was okay and some teachers are great. Huge bullying problem when I was in high school that only got addressed once. It didn't really seemed like most teachers cared or knew the signs.
I have had a terrible time with special education and inconsistency between buildings. There seems to be a huge interest in keeping the status quo.
It was good up until middle school. The staff belittles kids, cusses at them, tells them they will end up in prison ect. We left as soon as we could. They also have an extreme problem with vaping.
Overall, it has been a good experience. Only had a few issues with teachers not caring enough about providing a good education.
Windsor offered a various amount of dual credit and AP courses for their students, with highly knowledgeable teachers. This is highly important to students considering extending their education through college. Everyone in the school district was always respectful, helpful, and intelligent.
Windsor C-1 School District is a small but good district. The teachers are great, the facilities are nice. The worst part about Windsor is the lack of diversity among the students but that has to do with the area that it is located in.
Windsor has shaped me into the best student I can be. I feel prepared and eager for college because I am confident in the education I have received. I have always excelled academically due to my teachers, peers, and the endless amount of resources I have accesss to when I feel I am struggling. Not only am I confident academically, but as well as socially. I have built valuable lifelong relationships and skills. I truly believe Windsor has done everything they can to guide me and help me accomplish my goals.
Windsor is a wonderful place to be, it fosters learning and creativity while preparing you for post-secondary life.
Windsor offers great faculty members, classes, and social environments. However, the variety of classes is limited, lacking classes regarding the business field and AP science classes.
I would not want to go to any other school. I like the size of the school because there are not too many people and not too few people. The staff is very helpful and since the classes are smaller, there are opportunities for one on one help. I feel very safe at this school because we have a police station right up the road.
Windsor is a school district that has a huge opportunity to thrive into something great. The only problem is the students and the teachers always turning the other cheek when something happens. There are so many fights at this school it's not even funny.
I love the community of Windsor High School. Since this school is in such a tight-knit town, the community involvement is ahead of any other school in the area.
Windsor C-1 School District is a warm, caring, diverse district with lots of after school programs and opportunities for your child to connect and take ownership of "their school"
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Let me start by saying I've been to about 10 different schools since Kindergarten, and I am a junior in high school. I've been to a lot of bigger "better" (rated) school, but yet Windsor is my favorite. It's hard to be a smaller school and be able to offer students the things that larger school districts can offer their students, whether it be programs or technology, or just money in general. But Windsor really does try. The staff cares about the students, and all of them chose to be there. The teachers always give up their free time to offer ACT prep or classwork help to those who need it when they don't get paid for it at all. It's a small school but we have a lot of school spirit and I wouldn't trade it for anything. They make you feel at home and it's a great environment. I can't wait to see in 10 years what they can do.
As a senior (class of 2017) in Windsor high school, I'm pretty confident in this school. Although I didn't like my Sophomore year very much - due to my classes - I enjoyed some of my freshmen year, all of my junior year, and I'm loving my senior year. I would recommend this school to anyone that likes school.
The past 4 years at Windsor High School have been the best days of my life. I have leaned so much academically and about myself from the teachers, staff and administration and owe it all to them. They have so much to offer from academics to athletics. The teachers go and have gone above and beyond of what is in their job description. They truly care about their staff and students.
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