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Window Rock Unified School District Reviews

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Window Rock High School is starting to become a great school. Since I became a freshman the school has started to turn around. This has impacted me and made me want to change how I viewed college. The staff there has changed who I am and they have made me want to help my community.
What I liked about the school when I went there in the year of 2018-19 was that I didn't have a lot of friends when I first started out, but then I went out of my shell to try and start to talk to people and I ended up making a few close friends that I still talk to even after we graduated. I also like the end of the year even that we had. We had hamburgers, hot dogs, bounce houses and even had some games to play as well. Most of the teachers are pretty nice to the students and others not so much, but even after that I still managed to somehow graduate the same year as my friends and go to college.
I enjoy going to WRHS. I just want improvement of teachers and students so that Navajos can be more educated.
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I would like to see more classes available to more students and more options about career classes. I would like to see more resources given to the teachers and the students. More activities
my experience with window rock is rated very low for the poor education that they have and the food id terrible that students don't eat school food.
I think Window Rock High School is a great school. The teachers and students are mainly really nice. I like how the counselors lecture the students and have different variety of colleges or universities come in and talk about college. The school really provided us good education and care for us. They want us to be successful. The school also provides the students with school supplies. It really is a safe learning environment.
Window Rock High School is a great school. The school offers great academics and college readiness. The school also has a great range of extra curricular activities. Leaving the school as a senior, I enjoyed my time here!
I have gone to the middle school and overall it was a good experience. They have great teachers who have helped me maintain my grades and keep trying.
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