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Winchester Public Schools Reviews

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Winchester is a very competitive school district. The academics are intense and upon graduation, students are very prepared academically for college.
The amount of AP and honors classes as well as high MCAS and SAT scores are remarkable compared to other Mass schools.

I feel what is lacking is the need to expose some students to other options, such as a trade or teaching life skills. Not every student is able to attend college, or may need to attend a community college, and this is not advertised or accepted much at Winchester High School.
All schools have great opportunities for students who look for them. There are lots of clubs and activities available at the high school and middle school. Also, there is free tutoring in both provided by clubs and the National Honors Society. By the end of Junior year, your college applications will be full of A's and extracurriculars.
The level of college preparation is outstanding if you are willing to take hard classes and work hard. Sadly, there is no school spirit and the most of the sports are not top tier.
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The Winchester public school system is very good and most teachers put a lot of care and thought in their classes. Although being very challenging the information a person learn here will accompany them throughout their lives.
Good school system but competitive and unwelcoming society.Hard to fit in but many academic opportunity.
It is a good community overall, I felt safe everyday when I entered. Some of the teachers could be better. The students overall are very kind. The guidance with getting ready for college is very good, they are always willing to help you there. We do not have too must of a diversity there. The sports could be a lot better. The food okay some days and very good other days.
Great Experience and Education. Only wish it had less of a stressful/college driven atmosphere and taught more Sex ed in all grades.
Winchester High School has really pushed me beyond my limits as a student. There is a large amount of stress on students, from taking college level difficult classes to the vast amount of homework, I find myself flooded. Winchester High School, however, has begun to implement an X block where students can relax and focus more on their mental/physical health. It hasn't begun yet, and I am really looking forward to it.
Great school, excellent stuff.
Few teachers are not the best but it great place for our kids!
The school has been renovated in three years plan, now completed... It looks great.
Ratio staff/kids very good, concealer following senior step by step in the application for colleges.
As a whole I loved being a student at Winchester schools! All the teacher were always very helpful and outgoing. They did there best to make kids feel welcome!
Good college prep, however could focus on improving quality of the high school. Hopefully, the renovation will make it far nice inside. Additionally, the quality of food was frequently suspect.
The art program needs improvement but the school it self it pretty good. The construction was very disruptive during classes.
Winchester High School offers several academic and athletic opportunities over the course of the four years you spend there. It is a place where teachers encourage their students to take care with every assignment that is given and there is great stress put on grades and success. Students are expected to never slack off and may only hand in their best work. It has a competitive environment rare for a public school.
This school prepares you for college. Most of the classes are college classes which makes you more prepared.
Winchester High School is located in a nice town and is in the process of getting renovated. Students are activley involved in school activities and teachers are genuinely trying to help students succeed.
The school looks very nice with the new renovations. It is one of the best public high schools in the country at preparing students for college and the school has great resources. The atmosphere is a positive one and there are many clubs for students to get involved in, however, it could be better in athletics.
It's very competitive. It's a very good school system. People here are brilliant. But I would like to see kids be more willing to accept their own limitations in regards to the amount of Honors and AP courses and extracurriculars they force themselves to endure.
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The Winchester schools district is very competitive. The teachers are highly motivated and the students are very engaged in what they are learning. A teacher's priority is to assure the success of his/her students. They work very hard and make time to meet with students who need extra help. Students are constantly striving for greatness. In Winchester there is no limit in what one can accomplish and a wide range of opportunities offered in all subjects and departments. Students lead a stressful but accomplishing school life with a very challenging academic curricular, but here, to not be smart and advanced is to fail. Our school administrators and counselors work very hard to make sure we are well prepared for our future. Every college student from Winchester states that Winchester over prepares you for college. I am very lucky to attend a school where our faculty truly care for the success of their students. Our highly stressful competition pushes us to work harder and do better.
I love the schools in Winchester, teachers are awesome. New construction ensures that the school will look even better! The students are usually nice, and are willing to help out when needed.
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