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The academics and college readiness are very good in Wilton. The high school building is in need of improvement and renovations.
Overall they prepare students very well for college and gives them opportunities to succeed. In addition the athletics are strong. On the other hand the workload was fairly excessive.
Wilton public schools are a wonderful place for kids to learn. They have amazing teachers and are beautiful. However the workload is very demanding.
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My experience has been excellent. My teachers are knowledgeable, there are vast technological and literary resources, and the school climate is safe and student-geared. A change I would request would be more funding for clubs and extracurricular activities.
Wilton high school acts as a small community. You would be walking to class and see at least three or four familiar faces. Wilton does an excellent job making people feel included and welcome. We have many clubs such as best buddies that involve students with disabilities and gives them friends to hang out with and take trips with.
Wilton High School is extremely precollege oriented, and the academics are difficult, but manageable. The sports teams can be good, but many of the coaches are outdated and don't know what they are doing. The arts department have good resources. The school itself is very old and needs to be redone. There are parts that haven't been touched since the 70's. One good thing about the teachers are that they are always available and are easy to contact. The majority of them care about your success and future beyond high school.
I moved to Wilton at a very difficult time. In 8th grade, I had very mixed emotions about this new transition but luckily I made some awesome friends. The teachers were more then helpful. As time went on I got much more comfortable with my surroundings. I am extremely proud of what I have been accomplishing here in Wilton. Although I have had such a great experience here, I would like to see more acceptance winthin the people.
My experience going through the Wilton Public Schools has been overall great. From kindergarten to my senior year, I have had amazing teachers, courses that I am interested in, friends, activities, and a good supportive environment. Teachers in Wilton genuinely care about their students. I have visited my teachers from kindergarten, elementary, and middle school. I am still close with teachers from previous years such as my science teachers from sophomore and junior year. Throughout high school, there are certain mandated courses that all students must take. Starting sophomore year, students can select courses that they wish to take that stem from the regulated courses. There are so many courses to pick from that there is always more to do. My closest friends are in my grade and lower ones as well. I have also expanded my group of friends through activities and sports. All clubs and activities are open to everyone to join.
Wilton High School is the crowning glory of 9-12 years in a terrific public school district. Very challenging, but creates great rewards. Feel very confident and prepared for the next step on my educational journey.
I loved high school. Wilton High School encourages its students to make connections, join teams and clubs, and succeed in the classroom. Teachers are generally great, with a few notable exceptions. The administration and teachers do genuinely want all students to succeed. I've heard that it's better for the very top students and the ones who need extra academic support and the kids in the middle often get left behind. There is also a sense of privilege.
Students at Wilton High School have access to a wide selection of academically-challenging classes and opportunities outside of the classroom.
Wilton public schools are a great place to learn. Teachers are wonderful and offer help if you need. There is a good sense of community.
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