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I liked the closeness of all the students.The teacher were very welcoming which was really good.I enjoy the food, but there are not many healthy options for an alternative. If there is a healthy alternative it is usually the same thing we had yesterday. I want to be able to have more options for healthier foods. I feel the safety in our school could be better as bullying does happen, but none of the teachers report it even when it is blatantly obvious.
This school has an amazing small-town feel, and that allows you to know everyone and feel appreciated as part of the student body. It also gives many opportunities in all areas of extracurriculars in the arts and athletics. The academics are built to make you succeed with strong teachers and grading systems in most subjects The administration works hard to make gaining college credit easy, with various options for doing so. Despite all of this excellence, there is a sense of hostility and discrimination towards many people who are outside f the norm. This is to be expected at any high school, however, and shouldn't impact the overall view of WHS.
Everyone is so nice and excepting, the teachers are always willing to to help. They will come in before school and after school to help you out, they want you to understand your school work. They love what they do and that is truly what makes a good community in your school.
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Awesome school where teachers are doing everything to help the student get the grades they want. Athletics department is fantastic!
Williamsburg is a good place to learn how to think critically, but not how to be an individual. Education is given very well, but the arts and music are mediocre. The focus is given almost solely on sports, not on the mind. I appreciate the knowledge I've been given, and the lessons teachers have taught me, but I am disappointed that only sports are revered, and the arts are shunned quite a bit. When it comes to what a school is supposed to do, it followed through perfectly; we were taught the curriculum and how to live. I only wish they could have shown us how to use our minds.
Williamsburg is a small town, one high school town. It has a small community feel and everyone knows everyone. It's great because all the students feel very supported because there are very few strangers. Students get to do whatever activities they want because the school size is large enough to have a great variety of choices and activities but yet small enough that everyone can participate if they want. The teachers are great and help everyone become better at being themselves.
I really liked the involvement of others in Williamsburg. When you went to classes you could tell that most teachers weren't there because they had to, but because they really wanted to see us succeed.
I like that the school encourages you to be active and participate in activities. It supports students when tragedy happens.
It is frustrating going to school with unintelligent racists, our school diversity is very poor. Our teachers care a lot about us and will do everything they can to help us succeed, unfortunately only a dozen in each grade are capable of applying themselves. Our administration is no bueno, they care little about our safety and more about their personal agendas. If you are a varsity level athlete for a popular sport you can get away with almost anything.
Williamsburg is a very friendly school with a great environment. All of the teachers are very friendly and easy to talk to. This school does a lot with its community and hosts amazing events like the Christmas Concert.
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