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Whitesboro Central School District Reviews

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Whitesboro High School is one of the best schools in my area and I am proud to say that I will gladly announce what school I graduated from. The teachers work extremely hard and truly love their job which makes for a great experience for the students.
I would like to see more courses offered at Whitesboro as well as a more diverse selection of food. The overall quality of the school is pretty good.
I enjoyed attending there for my high school experience and I had a lot of fun with all of the sports I was on. Most of the teachers were great.
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I loved going to Whitesboro Central Schools! I started in Hart’s Hill Elementary and was truly blessed. Coming from a family with immigrant parents I struggled with English but the ESL class really brought me up to speed. Elementary school boosted my confidence to pursing my education.
Middle School are the days I want to forget because I was an overweight nerd. Becoming a smart and athletic student came with many embarrassing situations. High School brought out the best of me and the school had a very big community around music and sports.
I wish there was more opportunity to see different jobs, I had the opportunity to do an internship and that really helped me realize what I want to go to college for.
At Whitesboro, teachers really care about your learning experience. If you work har, ask for help when necessary, and do your schoolwork, then you will be successful at Whitesboro. The accelerated programs are phenomenal at both the middle school and high school and special ed is also available for students that struggle. We inspire, cultivate and empower all students to maximize their potential. Also, the extracurricular activities offered at W’boro are fabulous in helping students find their passions and interests.
The teachers at the school were good. but the disrespect that goes on at the school is so terrible and n words that were said by the students and the teachers didn't hear was jut wow!
Teachers act like everyday people and are very approachable. Many are willing to help when we have questions or when we need assistance. I had no trouble asking or receiving letters of recommendation from any of my teachers. They were very encouraging and considerate.
The teachers were very supportive. There were various opportunities for clubs and extracurricular activities. The classes provided prepared me for college level classes.
Okay. I liked the art program. I had a really hard time with the teacher's accepting my learning disability.
Since the 2 years so far I have attended this school I have had 2 horrible teachers who teach absolutely nothing and clearly don’t care about their students and I have had 2 teachers that were outstanding and went above and beyond to ensure the success of their students. Overall I like the teachers at my school and I think most of them do a good job however the students are terrible
The academics were great, however the student body and administration made the school experience poor, also there was a lack of diversity within the student body so it led to a lot of kids feeling less than and like they “weren’t allowed” to participate in certain school activities.
Whitesboro High School offers great programs and opportunities for their students to succeed in the future. Their teachers do not just teach students the required curriculum, but the also teach children lessons and morals of life to be more responsible and better humans in society. However, some rules and restrictions given to students are absurd and more thought should have been used before a rule was set.
While Whitesboro continues to expand its upper-level course selection pool and maintains a standard of academic rigor, the cultural integrity of the school is, at times, lacking. Whitesboro would do well to reinforce principles of honesty and diligence in the school, and would also benefit from the promulgation of a staff which is more diverse and more prepared to check the close-minded behavior of some students. For the resources it is presented, it cannot be denied that Whitesboro does well from an academic standpoint; however, in a bit of somewhat bitter irony, this is about all Whitesboro does well. Just as colleges do not search for students who live and die in the classroom, so too should Whitesboro consider expanding beyond sheer academics.
Racist school, no diversity and small. Students tend to be very immature and don't know how to act like respectful young adults.
I will always treasure my friends and the unforgettable memories that we have all made. I will always be thankful for the learning experiences that came my way.
I enjoyed my experience and years attended. I will always cherish all my friends, all the fun memories we all had and I will always be thankful for the great education.
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The school offers great diversity and culture and gives the students many opportunities to get involved in many clubs from yearbook to newspapers to international club. There is huge school and community support for athletics and athletes and promotion scholastically for these students at the collegiate level. Professional guidance and support are exceptional and continued throughout the high school years.
Whitesboro was a great school district to attend. I would recommend it to anyone who wants their kid to go to a safe school with a fantastic environment.
Whitesboro is very diverse and accepting of others. The academics are great and teachers are always out for the students best interests.
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