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the 4 years I have been at whitehall have taught me a lot. From what it means to have zephyr pride to how to interact with other sports and what it is like to swim.
Whitehall is a very diverse and inclusive school district. It has a challenging curriculum and many opportunities for the kids to get involved with the community.
Whitehall is a very good school district in the Lehigh Valley area. I think this school is very diverse and full of different people everywhere. The teachers are good and very helpful. The school itself is very modern and up to date. Whitehall has to be one of the best schools in the Lehigh Valley in my opinion because of the surroundings and enviroment. The education is pretty great also, and the school just has so much to offer.
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I liked the kids that I went to school with. I overall had a pretty good experience. The sports community was very political so if you wanted to be a starting player you had to belong to a pretty well-known family in the community or just be that good. The school was clean, the school lunches were mediocre but overall, most of the teachers tried their best to teach their students. If someone wants to experience any remote 'college readiness' they would have to take AP or Dual Enrollment classes otherwise you were really not prepared for college.
Whitehall Coplay School District provides me with a safe environment in which I feel able to express myself through art, music, and academics. They also provide plenty of science categories that allow me to gain further knowledge on my favorite subject. However, I do feel that there is a lacking in a variety of art courses. Overall, Whitehall has allowed me to grow further than any other school available.
I was bullied. Teachers didn’t care. I felt out of place. Wasn’t happy at my school. The people the staff I was just irritated.
I, as a senior at Whitehall High School, can truly say I love everything about my years at this school. Not only is it an amazing district structurally and in a sociable manner, but the teachers/faculty do their absolute best in delivering top tier education to every enrolled student. Whitehall schools provide each and every student with the full potential to succeed and move on to successful careers in life, and there's no other district I would rather graduate beside.
I would like to see the district be more involved in the community. They offer a lot of activities and advanced courses.
I like the atmosphere of the school I attend. There is lots to get involved with and personally I am quite involved.
Great school with special kids never left a child behind extra helpbwas always there teachers always looking out for class making sure parents were informed of how their child was doing
I have attended the Whitehall- Copay School District since Kindergarten and not a day went by when I either felt unsafe, excluded, or left to figure things out on my own. All staff and administration are there to help and have no problem wit doing so. Im proud to say I am a Whitehall alumni! They have prepared me for the real world and what to expect out of high school and made me feel good about taking the next step in my life.
My best experiences in Whitehall all took place in the music department. We always had fun and got to sing and even dance sometimes during choir. There was also the friendships that we made between the choir kids and the band kids. One of my most favorite things to do dealt with the annual spring musical. We would work super hard and we always put on a great show and one that we could be proud of. I feel like I might miss all of that and I'll miss the friendships that I made along the way
This school is amazing. I love the administration, the people, and the engulfment overall. Make the best of it when you are here! It'll be the best moments of your life.
This place gave me terrible anxiety and confidence issues. If you don’t want to get bullied don’t come here. The school does nothing to prevent bullying BOOOO
I would like to see better counselors, better friendlier administration, wider hallways, more challenging classes, classes to prepare for college.
I had a great experience going to WHS. It has prepared me to become a productive member of society and given me the determination to want to complete my studies and become a Pharmacist.
The teachers are committed to their students. I haven't had a teacher that did not put all of their attention into the class and the students.
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The food is okay but it is overpriced. The guidance counselors are very nice and they prepare you for college well. The art department is very good and they have some amazing teachers. However, the public safety officers aren't very nice.
Whitehall-Coplay school district is a literal melting pot of students from all different types of ethnicities. The teachers genuinely care for their students and their well being. It’s not always about how well you do but how are truly doing. The dedication of parents who help put together events and other school activities such as musical is a very beautiful thing about this district. This district is more than just a place where people show up and go to school but it’s a community’s. My graduating class has endured some tough moments in our time and the sense of family that exists in Whitehall is beautiful.
Whitehall- Coplay School District is a very diverse school that offers equal opportunity to everyone. All teachers were very friendly and helpful with preparing me for college.
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