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White Plains High School is one of the best high schools. I studied there for four years and all I have to say are good things. you have teachers who worry about you and your future. Great opportunities offered. Excellent variety of clubs and sports teams. If you're looking for a great, safe, and outstanding high school, White Plains High School is the one.
Great, caring teachers. Diverse. Loving and welcoming staff and students. Encouraging and supportive environment.
As a graduate of White Plains High school, I take much pride in this school and I think it prepared me for the educational level in college.The different advanced classes and the support of teachers, either by helping at lunch or after school, were very helpful in learning the content and making that everyone reached their potential.Also, different clubs, activities like spirit week, and sports made that everyone felt included and join in the pride of being a tiger (which is the school animal). The staff, especially the counselors, were supportive when we had doubts about the future, which for me was very often.
Just graduated this year and not being able to have the senior experience was very hard. Not just for me, but for my family to be able to see me receive my diploma in front of everyone.It was a year in where the school, attaining the health measurements, gave us that encouragement by organizing car parades or writing to us to help us begin that new chapter in our lives.
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Loved both the staff and facilities in all buildings. As an alum, I enjoy visiting and talking to staff. White Plains schools have a community feel that many alum still attend sporting events to support the teams.
The teachers are very nice and genuinely care about the students. They offer a variety of resources to the students including free tutoring. If they are not able to get the resources they direct you to a place where you can get these resources.
Its a very diverse school district that has many resource for all people. The district is good at inclusivity and it does it's best to acknowledge everyone. The classes offered at the high school are great and diverse as well, there are normal courses as well as many AP or college courses available for those who want those.
I went to WPCSD schools my entire life, and I feel like it came up short so many times. The faculty is the priority, not the students. As far back as I can remember, teachers always acted as if going over material again, and offering extra help, was optional. Then, in HS, as college approached, I was completely on my own. My guidance counselor barely helped me with college planning. Then to make matters worse, Naviance (what we use to get recommendation letters and send transcripts) did not work the first month of my senior year. Once Naviance was back up, my guidance counselor ended up waiting until the last minute to send my transcript & letters and they ultimately arrived too late so I missed my EA deadline. I really wish they had done more. But on a more positive note, the schools are so diverse and I had a lot of fun at school events and sports games. The rigor of every class challenged me, I just wish that the adults at school were more eager to see us do the best we could.
My last four years at White plains highs school have been eye-opening. I would like to say I am well prepared for college because some of my teachers took the initiative to prepare us for what's to come. However, I've experienced much rudeness from many of the adults at the High school. Many rude teachers and toxic school environment impact the well being of many kids.
White Plains is a very diverse district where I was able to learn about different cultures and traditions just by talking to my classmates. I believe this prepared me for the real world. I was also able to become proud of my religion and was always excited to explain what Jewish holidays were to my friends. If I could change anything about my school district it would be the ability to change teachers in the high school. Every student has a different learning style and different teachers are known to clique with different learning styles. There are some teachers that are good teachers but not the right fit for teaching certain students. If a student does not clique with a teacher, it is beneficial to switch them to another teacher.
What I like about the White Plains City School District is that they genuinely care about you and what to see you succeed, and they push you beyond your limits for you to do just that.
Many classrooms are becoming reliant on technology as a teacher instead of the actual human teacher.
I liked being a part of the community though the clubs were not as active as I would have hoped. I went to school here every year and was definitely better than surrounding schools.
The WPCSD School district has much to improve on, regarding student assimilation. Students who come from a different state are submitted to a culture shock, as new academic requirements are abruptly thrown onto them. There is the chance of not having specific credits, due to less rigid and uniform academic structuring from other state education systems.
When I moved from the Lakeland school district to white plains school district I was kind of nervous. But the staff and her guidance counselor treated my daughter with excellent welcome to her new school. My daughter loves this school and I would recommend this school to everyone.
I have spent 25 years teaching for the White Plains City Schools. Students are given a wealth of opportunity and challenge to prepare themselves for their future in a diverse environment. Our school district and board of education consistently works hard on serving the needs of our student population and families. I love going to work every day . I think that says it all.
The diversity of the schools allows students to be aware of other people, the teachers are well educated in the fields that they teach, the schools themselves are for the most part well taking care of.
My overall experience with White Plains City School District has been amazing! Moving here in 4th grade might have been one of the best decisions my mom has ever made. This is such a welcoming and friendly community and environment. All of our staff do as much as they can to get involved and make each and every student feel comfortable and like their own. Truly a great experience. So sad it will be coming to an end!
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I attending White Plains Schools since the 4th grade starting at Church St Elem School and went to Eastview, Highlands and onto the High School. I enjoyed my time there, teachers were great and lots of academic programs to choose from at the High School.
I liked the diversity of the district. You are able to find all kinds of races in the district which is a lovely thing to see because eveyone interacts with one another. A change i would like to see though is more involvment with teachers. What i mean by that is teachers shouldn’t just focus on the kids that naturally excell in school. I think more attention needs to be given to students that struggle with big crowds, acedemics etc. Theres a lot of students with learning disabilities and mental issues that may slow them down. Like me, i was diagnosed with ADHD and was never put in the “special ed” classes where students are given more one on ones. So i struggled with trying to get one on one attention from my teachers while they focused on the students with higher grades than me.
I love White Plains, looking back at it as a senior I realize how many choices and opportunity we had to grow as young adults. There are so many organized events to participate in and i hope everyone that goes takes advantage of them. I do with they would work on having better food though.