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My experience with Westwood Public Schools has been phenomenal. I have always felt like my teachers cared, and that their goal was to make us better learners. Westwood Schools tries to include everybody and make sure no one feels left out. The teachers and students that I have met since elementary school have all been extremely kind and helpful.
The westwood school system has been fantastic. Quickly recognizing my sons learning disability and getting him the help needed in the early stages during elementary school and continuing throughout his entire schooling career.
The teachers are super nice and they try to aid students in their courses. However, the classes themselves seem limited and our interests are limited. It is a very athletic school, while a lot of the students try to be involved in performing arts programs. The school definitely needs more funding for its performing arts department due to the massive number of students involved in concerts and musicals.
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I loved Westwood high school. I was a student in Westwood since the 4th grade and I will defiantly send my future kids here. Everyone is friendly and down to earth.
Westwood High School was a highly competitive and informative school where I feel more than prepared for college.
Westwood schools are consistently rated in the top 20 in Massachusetts for a reason. Very strong academics and lots of AP courses to choose from. Diversity is fairly weak resulting in a monochromatic student body.
Great place to learn and very devoted teachers. Never felt behind in school and if I needed help I could reach out to a number of different teachers who would be more than happy to help. This school had a great community and is very dedicated to its students.
Pretty decent school system and a small town, but little diversity. Wish there were more flexible schedules and more academic opportunities.
I am a high school senior at westwood high! I completely love it. It is very welcoming to new students and the academics are fantastic. The teachers push you to do your best and be the best that you can be.
Westwood High School has supported me and prompted me since freshman year in order to ensure my readiness for college. I feel as though Westwood has provided me with a safe learning community that has offered me many different opportunities to help me succeed in clubs, sports, and academics. Overall, I am pleased with my high school experience.
The curriculum and course selections are excellent and allow me to pursue subjects that I am passionate about. The teachers are very caring and willing to work with you to make sure that you are doing well
My overall experience was good, the academics are pretty good in Westwood. There's little to no diversity and the clubs don't often host many events but otherwise a nice school that prepares you for college.
I had an amazing experience within the Westwood Public Schools system. From kindergarten up until the twelfth grade, I was surrounded by supportive teachers and always in a positive learning environment.
I loved attending Westwood Public Schools, and think it was an amazing experience for myself and my family to be a part of this school environment.
The academics and athletics are both incredible; however, diversity in the student body is lacking. School spirit has been low in the past but appears to be in an upward trend. There are many resources available, but it is up to the students to reach for them. Overall, my experience has been good.
My parents moved to Westwood solely based on the school system. Usually the classes are under 20 students. Every teacher I had was very invested in the success of each student. Most of the high school teachers have two masters degrees. In my senior year, I was a member of the Yearbook Club. I also played all four years on the Girls Varsity Hockey Team, and in 2014 we won the State Championship in Division II. It was very exciting to play at TD Garden. I also played for four years on the Girls Varsity Softball Team. I have always felt safe here. One downside is the lack of sidewalks. Our parents are driving us to various activities or friends homes until we are old enough to get our driver's licenses.
The Westwood Public Schools do an amazing job of preparing students to enter college. I know of many teachers in the high school who have two master's degrees. It's small enough that the teachers know who most of the students are; yet big enough to make friends in classes, athletics, clubs and activities. If it were up to me, I would start the school day later since studies show teenagers need more sleep and let the younger students start earlier. However, I realize that the need to start high school earlier in the morning has to do with sports. I am fortunate to have graduated from a high school where the teachers are so invested in the students success.
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Westwood High School really felt like a community, not just a school. I personally was not involved in sports or sporting events (apart from filming them for the local TV station), but felt that if I wanted to be, I could easily enter the crowd and not only not be questioned, but welcomed, and I feel this attitude really applies to any part of Westwood High. I would say my few issues with the school lay more with individual faculty members or students, and are personal. Apart from the personal issues, maybe a more inclusive and informative health class would improve the school, but my experience with Westwood High School has been an overwhelmingly positive one.
I have really appreciated my time in the WPS district. As a whole, the staff are supportive and the environment is challenging but brings success. i genuinely believe that the High School start times needs to be pushed back fro the wellbeing of the students.
Westwood Public Schools only limitations are the attitude of the staff and administration around you without which this community is likely to soar far above the rest Classes are fact oriented and can tend to have medium work loads However it has little diversity and lacks an enjoyable student and school culture Parents are too involved and students lack enthusiasm
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