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Weston High School is well-known for its good academics. There are many activities for students to take part in.
Great academic preparation for the rigor of a college curriculum. The middle school and high school facilities need a major upgrade.
I have had 2 children attend K-12 and currently have one in middle school. The system has an excellent reputation and overall prepares students well for college. The environment can be competitive and stressful, and if your student is not a standout, they can slip through the cracks. In HS especially, there is not a lot of interaction between parents and teachers on a one on one basis. It is very limited and students are expected to advocate for themselves. The student population is diverse as the community is multi-cultural, as well as participation in a strong Metco program, which has been a positive. There is strong support for the arts and enrichment by the community.
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Weston is a public school that very much functions like a private school and practices many similar events and programs that are more "high end" compared to a typical public school. The school is very academically driven as well as very involved in sports much more than clubs or music. However, every student is fixated on getting into college and many kids there are molded and shaped into getting into a certain school, which is to be expected of an affluent community. I guess it all depends on perspective, but if you're living in Weston and can't afford a $100/hr tutor and $150 college coach on top of an $80/hr private lesson for a sport to get your child recruited, it can seem like you're out of place and therefore make your kid feel like they're not up to par with others and lose confidence in themselves.
I like that at Weston you become very prepared for college. We work hard all year round and the programs are very rigorous so that when we get to college it is less overwhelming. I also like that there is the METCO program ( I am part of it). It is also a tight knit community within the school, teachers often become more like friends that are there to support you emotionally and academically.
Weston Public Schools is a strong school district that provides a solid, standards-based K-12 education for a wide range of students.
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