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Westhampton Beach Union Free School District Reviews

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Super safe, super education, basically getting a private school education with none of the tuition fees.
it was a great school, the staff and teachers were all amazing and so helpful. the students had many great opportunities to show their potential through sports or academics. the courses were harder than average but it only made students work twice as hard to get rewarded. the substitute teachers however were quite rude. but overall the MacBooks each student received were also quite helpful in learning. their was wifi but it blocked a lot of websites or apps such as snapchat
My experience with Westhampton Beach High school was very good with almost all of my teachers being amazing. However, I have heard that I'm lucky as I hear lots of complaints about other classes.
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Westhampton Beach School Districts has many positives. The staff and faculty care about the overall students well being and education. They try to incorporate student's opinions and feelings about what could be changed in the school. There are many resources the student can use in their education such as laptops, a library, textbooks, and amazing teachers. There is constant security walking the halls, so everybody feels safe. The food could be better but there are many healthy options that the students can choose from. Overall in a safe wealthy area, I wish all students could be educated at the Westhampton Beach School District
The school and the faculty care about our future. We have great clubs, great sports and we are close to the beach!
During my 10 years, of attending this school district, Westhampton Beach has changed my life drastically. I moved to this school district November, of my first grade. I was welcomed with wide arms, the kids were so nice to me, and didn't let me alone one. They
Coming from a middle school that didn't have a high school, I had the option to pick my high school. Westhampton Beach High School was not too big and not too small. I still kept my friends from middle school, but also built amazing friendships with a lot of other students. Picking who would write my letters of recommendations was very easy because the teachers build great bonds with the students here. The education I receive here is amazing and the school keeps up with the times and technological advances by giving the students laptops for all four years of high school. WHBHS is also very focused on getting their students into college. One of the electives provided for juniors is a SAT/ACT prep class and the guidance counselors have always been by my side leading me in the right direction for college and my schedules making sure it was rigorous and a challenge, but I am also able to handle it.
Westhampton Beach is a very safe and friendly children/ family environment/ school and town in general. The sports teams are very good and competitive, but also it gets the entire community to be involved to come out and support the teams. There are a lot of general community activities and involvement within the school community, the teachers are great and very helpful with almost anything you might need guidance with. The school is not very diverse, mainly Caucasian with other exceptional races. Westhampton is technologically advanced with tools, and resources students have available to them, including laptops. The theater and music programs are also amazing with great teachers to help future careers in music/ theater. Overall, it is a great school.
Good community. School is in a small community. Many teachers live in the town and grew up here.
Not very diverse.
Westhampton Beach High school is a very welcoming school. However, it lacks diversity which is important in this day in age.
The teachers are usually quite fair, however, they tend to favor the children who participate in sports over the other students.
I've had a great experience attending Westhampton Beach High School. The teachers are fantastic, and everyone is generally very friendly. I got to choose my high school from a choice of three, and I have never once regretted choosing Westhampton.
Westhampton Beach is a great school. I've learned a lot about myself and my future interests like college and a career though my dedicated teachers, excellent administration staff and the clubs, especially the Robotics Team, go 3171 !!!
It is a fantastic school with great teachers. But they have problems with assisting students who require academic support.
Westhampton Beach High School is a small public school which gives it some unique qualities. For example there is some amenities and classes that other schools in the area might have. We do have laptops given to us and it is not uncommon to have some classes where teachers run the class online basically. There is also a lack of diversity. However lately there has been more students of color enrolling in the school. For the most part, the teachers here are passionate about their students and it is not uncommon to see students staying until after school hanging out with their teachers. It is also a very safe school. There are staff and security guard monitoring the school at all times. I would like to see more of an emphasis on the STEM fields at the school, but perhaps that is a little biased considering I am looking to study science in college. I have also heard that the school spends ridiculous amounts on the athletic program which then hinders funding for other clubs/classes.
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