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I have attended them and now my kids do. Great schools. Low per student spending but high rating in state.
we have been living in Westford since 6 years, I really liked these Schools, Elementary level schools -Rita E Miller and Day School are good , so far these schools - teachers , education system is good, must see how the Middle School and WA are.
Westford Public Schools taught me the importance of tenacity, perserverance, and work ethic. They went above and beyond in preparing me for higher education. They truly excel at giving kids an education.
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Great teachers, sports, and faculty. Learning enviorment is great. the teachers genuinely care about how the students are doing and they want them to succeed. Administration is great. they all care about students and make an effort to make sure the students have a say in things.
In the Westford Public Schools school system and am very satisfied with the teachers and the local high school. We moved specifically to this area for the high school and wasn't disappointed. The teachers are all very motivational and understanding, but still encourage students to learn while having fun. There are lots of different class options and activities outside of school for students to do as well. Also, there are more than 100 clubs which makes it easy for every student to join something that they love. Finally, if they could improve on anything it would be the time of meetings. Parents usually have to leave work early or take time off just to go to school functions or parent nights, which doesn't make it very convenient. I love the Westford Schools system though and would definitely recommend!
Westford Public Schools is an amazing place to prepare for college. Westford Academy is a place that fosters learning and college readiness. Overall the academics are outstanding, but the regard for mental health impact from an overworking and high standard environment is not healthy. They are taking steps to try to resolve this, but, from a student standpoint, it would be better if administrators took it as more of a priority.
Westford Public Schools is a great community that has prepared me very well for college. The teachers at Westford Academy are the highlight of school. They make the best possible learning environment for every student. The administration is well respected and works in the best interest of everyone. Overall The Westford Public School system was a great experience for me in my 13 years here.
Westford Academy is a school of opportunity, and tolerance. It's faculty provides a safe environment for all students. Westford teacher's are understanding of their students busy lives, which helps provide for a healthy learning environment. Through it's very diverse, and extremely educational environment, westford academy is a stellar school to attend.
These numbers are inflated.
Academics are important in Westobut students are pressured so highly many of them end up with severe anxiety, which the staff are not properly trained to handle.
Teachers, administrators, and parents are constantly fighting eachother. Unethical and borderline illegal activity is hidden by firing and threatening anyone who finds out about it. I would never want to teach here or send my children to a place with such negativity.
Academics are strong for a public school, although there's a pretty significant gap between the quality of the Honors/AP classes and CP classes. STEM programs are consistently strong across the board. For the humanities there's more variance, but there are a select few English / History teachers that are really amazing educators and will shape your worldview.

School culture is definitely dominated by athletics. Grouping does occur fairly distinctly and can significantly influence students' high school experiences. (But this happens in almost any public school.) There are still great opportunities to pursue the arts (mostly limited to theatre, marching band, and orchestras) but students should know that their extracurricular careers will be heavily interlinked with their social standings.

All in all, WPS isn't a bad place to be and will prepare your child for the average university.
We have witnessed the significant rise in the school system. The support services are excellent among the teachers, aides and counselors. The middle and high schools are excellent at preparing students for freshman year of college.
In general, Westford Academy is a great school. It's academics are strong, the teachers are supportive and knowledgeable, and students are well prepared for college and careers. The biggest downside to the school is the competitive atmosphere, which generates extremely high levels of stress. Some teachers, and especially the school administration, are also unresponsive to student input.
Westford has always performed above and beyond many affluent towns without the million dollar Home. A recent report from Niche
Ranking 2019 best Boston school districts in Massachusetts, and to no surprise Westford ranked #3 in the state just behind Lexington and Newton.
Great place to learn, good athletics and mostly great teachers as well. I love bing here and learning in this town I think the people who live here are very lucky.
Teachers are very supportive. Really prepares you for college. After school activities like theater give you a glimpse into the real world and help promote good work ethics.
Great school system, however there is a lot of stress put on students to have good grades. I think the school system could work on how they deal with students mental health needs as well as reducing stress which they have taken measures to help alleviate. The teachers are really great at the high school. In the lower level schools the teachers are less helpful and don’t seem to care as much about their students.
Westford Public Schools is a reputable district in which I have always attended. Overall, the teachers are professional, educated, and kind to the students. While being pushed to our full potential, the school system educates on mental health and has counselors available to any student. As an incoming senior, I would change the way all people are educated throughout our school system on the possibility of school shootings and ALICE training. The training should be more frequent and have more than one option; the options being 'run and hide'.
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Westford Public Schools is a welcoming and academics-driven learning environment. They want every single student to achieve greatness and hold high expectations to make sure that happens.
I have really enjoyed my time in Westford. Westford Academy has been an amazing experience with teachers who truly care and an overall nurturing space. Many people seem to enroll in difficult classes and then proceed to complain about their choices. If you choose the right classes for you instead of the one that looks the best on college applications you will learn a lot and most likely have a good experience. The elementary and middle schools give a good education but seem to over prepare and put too much pressure on younger students. My eight grade year was the hardest academic year i've ever had.
Westford Public Schools is a fabulous school system and prepare students for success later in life. All of the teachers care about their students and go above and beyond to help them. The school facilities are up-to-date and allow students to use recent technology to further their studies.
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