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Westfield is a school system in which it is only challenging if you seek out the most difficult possible route. Support was great for getting as many students into college as possible but limited for those who wanted to branch out to a more difficult school. Teachers were sassy but accommodating once you got to know them. If anything, Westfield showed me what I wanted out of my college experience - small classes, approachable professors, and the opportunity to get involved in more than just my school work. Westfield had the latter, but the two former aspects are ones I gladly have found in college and were not available at Westfield.
could improve math department as well as science department and labs. Needs more field trips and guidance counselors.
Over my four years at Westfield high school I have experienced many different situations in which affect the way I view Westfield high. We have a great diversity with students from around the world and exchange student programs. Our resources aren’t the best because of our lack of technology and money. But overall my experience was a little above average!
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Some teachers are amazing, some not so much. Very great atmosphere for athletics and other events. We may not have the most money or best resources, but we have the biggest heart and work ethic.
Some teachers didn't teach and just had you do electronic assessments instead. Some gave you the answers before a test because they wanted you to pass. Some great teachers though.
I would love to see more hands on learning for students who need it. Also i would like to see a better path to college from these schools. More effort to better prepare students for college would be beneficial as well
WPS has excellent education but poor access to technology. The teachers are extremely committed to the betterment of their students knowledge. The lack of computers is often quite disruptive to the education process.
I went to Westfield public schools all of my life, but I wish I would have had a different opportunity. The teachers don't seem to care if you are actively learning or not. I have tried multiple times to get help to no avail. If you are considering Westfield please look elsewhere.
The teachers are 7/10 times very genuine and enjoy teaching which in turn gives better student outcomes. Although, some teachers only see their careers as jobs and they are on crowd control duty. They do not take safety drills as seriously as they should be either, like ALICE drills, code whites, and fire drills. When there is a bullying issue or any social issue it is often brushed off and not taken care of. Overall, it is a good school and students can really get a quality education if they put the effort in themselves. For example, my friend is now attending Harvard University in the fall and the school is very proud. Westfield public schools has its ups and downs but it is home and I wouldn't trade it in.
Administration doesn't help teachers who need specific things for their classes and wont listen to students or treat them like adults even though some of them are. There are some amazing teachers and others who call the kids worthless because they know they'll get away with it.
I enjoyed growing up in the Westfield Public School System. When I was young, I loved all my teachers and classes. Elementary school was the best. In middle school, North Middle School was very modern and clean also very safe. The teachers in some classes were not informative and discouraging. Through my high school career, Westfield High School has become crazier. The halls are flooded with hallway wanderers, teachers are not patient, and the school building itself is extremely old. They do not provide the resources we need.
I do like that when we needed help, it was available. Sometimes we had to go looking for that help, but we learned to advocate for our needs. I do wish they wouldn't continually move teachers from school to school or even out of the school system. Doing this hurts continuity.
My overall experience in Westfield Public Schools have been amazing. They welcome students and families with open arms. They provide for the families in need of the communities. I overall suggest this district for future children and families.
I liked how they offered the technical academy school for on hand training in a profession of your choosing.
Overall I had a very good high school experience, MOST of the teachers were great. The only complaint I have is some faculty and teachers were very outspoken about their political views, which I do not think is appropriate. (Being that it is in Massachusetts I guess I shouldn't have expected different...)
I'm proud to be a part of this community, and I think we've made a lot of good changes in our schools over the past few years. I'd like for us to avoid charter schools and continue supporting public school funding.
Everyone was very helpful and accommodating. I have nothing bad to say about my experience. I have had my share of personal issues but all the counselors were extremely helpful.
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Our WHS has not been renovated since the year it was built so everything is literally falling apart, technology and class utilities wise. The teachers are great however, great faculty. Also, rooms should get reconstructed and the school should get more sanitized.
I overall do not mind Westfield Public Schools. They have provided me will preparedness as I enter into college. However, what needs to change in the Westfield Public Schools is the amount of bullying that happens. I have been bullied every year in this school system and I believe something stronger has to be done.
Westfield Public Schools awarded me many opportunities for my future with compassionate dedicated faculty guiding me on my journey. They offer an ample amount of Advance Placement courses and dozens of various staff lead clubs.
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