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It’s a town really focused on higher education and it’s basically free since you need to pay the taxes if you live here anyways
Westfield has a great school system. Teachers and parents are supportive from start to finish, but independence is a focus. There are many sports and activities to participate in, and many kids have friends that they've known since they started their sport. High school is rigorous and competitive for those who want it, but there is a lot of support staff and inclusion. Students leave the district very prepared for college.
What I love about Westfield Public School is their involvement in the community. Every school in the district cares a lot about clubs and extracurricular activities that can get anyone in the community involved. People of all ages attend Westfield public schools' sporting events, musicals and plays, and fundraisers organized by their clubs. Academics are challenging but well worth it in the end and teachers are highly experienced and willing to help their students outside of school hours (through extra help and emails).
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I have attended the Westfield NJ public school system for 12 years. I am one of three children, my older brother graduated and my younger sister still attends.
Students and teachers are both focused to help each and every student strive for a higher learning experience. I believe everyone is motivated to try their best in academics, sports and clubs.
I believe the friends and contacts I make will remain throughout my entire life. Many families return to the Westfield area upon finishing their college. It is a nice town that is less than one hour commute to NYC. I intend to return after my studies and look forward to the challenge.
The school is great when it comes down to preparing you for college and they provide everyone with new opportunities.
The best descriptor of Westfield High School is its competitiveness. From kindergarten on, the academics are extremely competitive. Think, I was a "gifted and talented" kid bullied by my gifted peers for falling lower in the ranks of our class of 20 students. The sports are competitive within the team, but the winners of the scholarships and awards go to the students whose parents fund the Booster program. The theater program is aggressive, the social cliques are extreme, and I saw no shortage of homophobic, racist, and ableist tendencies in both the professors and students. While the quality of the education is definitely above average, the students that fall in the center of the crowd are lost to the care of the staff. Terrible environment to be anything but a white, all-American athlete.
The teachers are fairly good and most of them show true compassion. Others are not so great. There is a lot of competition within the district as we do have may amazing students. Overall, most kids get into good colleges so we must be doing something right.
I love my four year experience it shaped me into the young man I am. I did not realize how quickly the four years would go by however, I am excited about my future. I had wonderful teachers and the best guidance counselor who also encouraged me to go for it. I only wished I concentrated on building a greater GPA. I would not change anything about WHS.
What i liked about Westfield was how well they prepared me academically. I've seen a bunch of my friends from other schools that have struggled with the transition from high school to college because the gap is so large. Plus, since Westfield High School gives so much work, they inadvertently teach you time management skills as well. However, one thing I would like to see change is the culture. There is so much division between the students that you can see the different types of people sitting in their own places. If the school can mesh together all types of kids that go there, it can strengthen the bond towards the school and create a new culture of acceptance.
Plenty of opportunities for the students. A really resourceful town with quality schools. The high school offers Film, Computer Science, Culinary and many more classes. Also really the school system really prepares their students for the following schools, whether it be from Elem - middle, or middle - high.
I would like to see the administrators more engaged in the students' lives. The teachers play an active role in their students education and truly prepare them for college. Upon entering college I did not feel overwhelmed and under prepared for the workload and difficulty of the classes, as students that came from different locations did.
I love this school i go to the high school and I love it so much it is a connnected community and i think that any student should be in a school like this because they really help the students there
My experience was a nightmare the Westfield school district does not have the tools for gifted and talented, special ed and the arts. The schools in Westfield do not have diversity is a very sterile environment with ugly horrible old buildings and bathrooms for the children, the social environment is of upper middle class in which you have to fit in if not your children will be single out. Overall Westfield's Schools are overrated just like their prices in Real Estate there are better communities and school systems throughout out New Jersey. If you want your children to grow and a warm, kind and a very cultural rich environment this is not the place.
The Westfield public schools are the best schools that I have attended to and I think that they teach very well
What else can you say about the school system. Some people think the sports are too good, so they treat that as a negative, but I think it is a good thing. Builds lots of town spirit
I have attended Westfield Public Schools from kindergarten through senior year of high school. Each and every year I felt as if the teachers genuinely cared about me and my success. When education really became serious it high school it was obvious how superior WHS was to neighboring schools. Now, a college freshman, I am more than prepared for college. I have been complimented by professors on my writing skills and they have said that clearly my high school prepared me for college level writing. I actually find college less stressful due to all the preparation. It was a lot of hard work at the time but clearly WHS paid off.
My experience in Westfield has been a combination of successful and stressful. Westfield schools are very competitive but they definitely know how to bring out the best in their students. They set a very high bar and high expectations for their staff and students and each day we continue to better ourselves for our futures. Overall I'd say that it's a tough school system both academically and mentally, but the outcome is truly worth it as I feel more then prepared to start the next chapter in my life.
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I feel I received a wonderful education at Westfield High School. All the teachers who I have had for the past four years and been extremely thorough and have prepared me to continue my education in college. I have developed good study habits and learned a lot.
I am very unsatisfied with this school district, but mainly with the special ed system. The district is good for students who fit into the 'normal' window. It is not good for people with special needs, gifted students, students with any form of learning or social disabilities. They have a poorly constructed program called STEAM which is a modified form of STEM. STEAM stands for the same things as STEM but it mainly focuses on things like yoga and cooking. This program should not include these activities because these they do not prepare children for the future or enrich their education. There is also poor diversity within the schools. Most of the students are high-middle class to high-class Caucasian children with a low amount of people who are minorities. Overall, I believe that this district has an overrated reputation and I would not recommend this school to anybody but the people who fit into the 'normal' window. They really need to improve their special education programs.
Great teachers that push students to be the best they can possibly be. Every student is ready to attend college at the end of their 4 years.
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