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West Windsor-Plainsboro Regional School District Reviews

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I am a middle schooler in this district, and I really enjoyed my journey from 1st grade to now. I have learned to better myself from the teachers here. I really like how funny and cool the teachers here are.
I am currently an 8th grader and WWP the school here is great! The teachers care about the students and have respect for them. We are taught everything we need to know for high school, and we are always welcome and encouraged to talk to the counselors or principals Incase of a problem. You always feel safe as we have an officer on school grounds always. I extremely recommend you this school if you live in NJ.
They provide many resources and many opportunities to do what you want. The students are kind to one another, but HSS adore not have walls, which is a detriment to many students trying to learn or take a test.
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As a recent member of the WWPRSD, I was concerned about what it would be like as a freshman in a new school district. However, after just a couple of weeks, my worries were put to rest. People I met were open to showing me the campus and giving me advice. The counselors were also helpful, answering questions I had about my schedule, classes, and extracurricular opportunities at school and nearby places, like libraries. There are many ways for you to further learning here, whether it be by taking honors classes, using resources teachers provide (like databases, textbooks, and websites), or participating in after-school activities like chess, math, and robotics.
Overall, the way this school district advances your education is dependent on the student's motivation. Because of this, we learn what our strengths and weaknesses are, and what we want to focus our time on. The self-directed yet open community is what I love about this district, and I wouldn’t really change a thing.
Though WWP is a great district in terms of academics, I feel that there is a lot more that they could improve on. I am a student at WWPHSS and often feel as though in this school, academics are placed first and nothing else matters. For example, there are not enough lunch tables in the school. Everyday of the school year, I have been forced to eat my lunch on the ground due to the lack of space. A table to eat your lunch at does not seem like too much to ask for, but at South, it is. Also, the school seems to have issues regulating temperature. Many times this year, the heater in my classrooms have broken, making it feel colder in the room than it is outdoors. Sometimes it is extremely hot. Sometimes it is extremely cold. It is often hard to feel comfortable due to the temperature. Overall, with my experience at WWPHSS, I feel that grades are first and students are second.
This school district really prepares you for college. Very competitive but everyone is always ready to help if you need it. All you have to do is seek for it.
Very good school academically, but sometimes falls short in helping students that don't do as well academically.
The West Windsor-Plainsboro Regional School District is extremely competitive. There are a lot of students, the majority of them composed of minorities. Most of the teachers are terrific, however, quite a few do not teach very well, although I've never had too much trouble. Something I enjoy about WW-P is how it is preparing me for college. I feel that I am getting an excellent education in which I can apply myself once I head to the real world. One thing I would like to see change though is the stress. Mental health has been something that has been on the minds of many administrations in the district. Because of how competitive the district is, it can be extremely stressful. Students are often staying up until 2 or 3 am studying for tests. This is not healthy and it must be better addressed by parents, students, and faculty.
Overall WWP-HSS is an excellent school. Academically, I feel well prepared for college, but I feel that writing research papers and essays are my weakest areas. Since these skills are so important in college I think they should focus more on these topics. The sports and theater programs are great, but I just wish we had better teams! The physical building and classrooms need updating. Loved going to this school and can't imagine anywhere else I would have wanted to spend the last 4 years.
I am a freshman at WWP-South, and ever since I moved here as a 1st grader the experience has been enlightening. Lots of people complain about the competition, I think that is important. In 6th grade I was a very poor student. My parents thought I was destined for failure! But, in 8th grade I turned my values around and now I am attaining all A's! This was actually due to one specific IRLA teacher I had in 7th grade, and the competition which pushed me to get better grades. The diversity however, is a bit subpar, as there is a majority of Indian-americans., but there is a healthy amount of other races. Most of the sport programs are very competitive with other schools. Lots of useful resources such as chromebooks are given to us to help us learn. The food is pretty good in HS. You have the options to choose between pizza, deli sandwiches, pasta, salad, and more!
I have been going to the schools in this district from the beginning of my academic career and I am absolutely loving it. The administrators, educators, and facility are all so kind and helpful which adds more glam to the fact that WWP has been ranked as the second-best high school in New Jersey. The athletics are also fantastic as many of our high school track runners have qualified to go to big competitions. I wouldn't change much to the district, but one thing I would change is the food in the high school cafeterias. I would like to see more of a variety of choices- maybe foods from around the world to commemorate our wide diversity of students.
WW-P is an amazing school district. It has very high achieving students, involved parents, and experienced teachers. The staff ensure that students are well equipped for college, and many students end up going to top universities. The school environment is safe, academically focused, and incredibly diverse. It is easy to make new friends and establish strong relationships with teachers and staff.
It is a very difficult school district, with a lot of competition and requirements. Though it really helps for college and better prepares the students for their future.
Don’t believe anything you read about this district. They don’t care about the well being of their students and never will. The teachers who are good at their job are smothered and the terrible ones are protected. Students are treated like scum and their opinions and thoughts are disregarded. Save your kids the hard ship and move to Princeton or literally anywhere else.
I like that the teachers work really hard to make sure students understand the material thought in class. I also like the teacher involvement in all the school events and activities. The teachers come to most of the sports events and attend cultural festivals. There’s a lot of diversity at WWP, it’s a culturally diverse district. By the time a student graduates from this district, they are ready for college. If there is one thing I had to change about the school is the food that they serve not only does it taste bad but its not very healthy either.
p good school system, no diversity, people are decent, wish they would be less competitive but oh well I guess
Overall, the West Windsor-Plainsboro Regional School District is great if you want to improve your ability to study or just work hard in general. Its also generally a friendly environment. However, I gave this district 4 stars instead of 5 because it is extremely competitive. A little bit of competition is always good for the soul; however, too much of it can be bad.
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I really enjoyed being a student in West Windsor- Plainsboro because I was constantly being challenged academically- in my classes and physically- in the wide range of sports offered. In addition, there is a very supportive community throughout the district which really helps motivate and prepare students for college!
This school most definitely is the definition of diversity. There are a lot of different opportunities here with academics, athletics and student clubs. However, the curriculum for the classes here are rigorous and the environment here is fairly competitive, so one does have to prepare for that before coming in.
Very high level of academic achievement and expectation. Lots of great resources, opportunities and clubs. Great guidance department - very knowledgeable. However, very few teachers that actually "teach." A lot of self study is required.
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