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My overall experience has been pretty good. I had a few amazing teachers and then a few not so amazing. Sometimes I wish the school had more money to make some things like the bathrooms nicer. But I understand my circumstances and the likelihood of that never happening. Overall it has been a good experience. We have decent sports programs. Our teachers are so dedicated to giving their kids a great atmosphere to learn in. I’m so thankful for some of the amazing teachers there are in the school
Being a good student and always doing my best I had a great experience. Although some teachers could have been harder and challenged us more, others did a great job at it. Since I have always pushed myself to do my best I had no issues.
I liked that West Warwick Public schools encouraged students to be involved in the community in any way possible. Most students were involved in athletics, clubs, theater, or the vocational-technical program. Teachers truly invest in their students lives, they attend their sporting events, plays and form meaningful relationships with students. One area of improvement for West Warwick Public Schools, and most schools would be to have a mandatory finance class. All students can benefit from this kind of information!
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Don't listen to the bad rep! The schools offers countless opportunities for students who seek them.
My experience in West Warwick came about in the fall of 2012. I had moved from the nearby town of East Providence, RI. Knowing nothing of this new place, I had no idea what I would be getting myself into. Initially, I was put off by the striking cultural differences between my hometown and this new area I found myself in. Following a tough first year at West Warwick High School, my next three years would mold me into who I am today. Though many people helped me in finding my true self, the person who I can most attribute my growth to was my English and writing teacher. She not only showed me how to improve my language, reading, and writing skills, but she also showed me the importance of diversity, culture, and travel. As if that wasn't enough, she personally used her time to aid me in applying to college. I can honestly say that if she had not done this, I do not know if I would have ever gone to a university. My time in West Warwick was valuable beyond measure!
I think that West Warwick Public schools is a great district for preparing kids academically and socially for both college and the real world.
Unfortunately, WWPS receives a bad reputation from other school districts in Rhode Island. I have had nothing, but amazing experiences with staff and my education. The schools are in stable condition and everything is run smoothly, especially at the high school.
I have an IEP there and it worked well for me. I worked hard and the IEP helped me by having modifications. I also had fun there. I had fun because they had dances, prep rallies for thanksgiving games each year of the four years.
My experience in West Warwick High School is really good because the teachers care about you and your grades to help you pass even more to learn as well. They have great program for kids who need help with any learning disables to help them learn a long the way.
I like how close the community is. Whenever the town or school gets together for events, there is a very strong and positive energy that you can feel around you.
A diverse town, with it's own nice parts. Great sports community. Very caring and involved teachers and administration.
The West Warwick community is a great, loving, community filled with supportive people who go out of their way to help you succeed. My experience in West Warwick High School as a Wizard has been unforgettable and I will cherish all the memories and friendships I have created over the years. The only thing I would change is maybe having more senior privileges and being able to have more fun senior year rather than more stress.
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