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A great, relatively small school with great opportunities for students. Many clubs and a variety of classes are offered.
I moved to the school district in eighth grade. I y welcomed by the staff and students there when I moved there. They have Apple Mac books for high school students, and iPads for middle and elementary school students. The high school is very involved in the arts and athletics, with great volleyball, gymnastics, and basketball programs. They offer an ILA (Independent Learning Academy) program where you can advance your learning during your freshman year of school. They focus a lot on college and career readiness and planning for each student’ future. There is definitely a great sense of welcome and friendliness when you come to the district.
I love the amount of school pride everyone has throughout the district along with the MacBook Airs we are also allowed to take home with us. However, I wish they taught us life skills like how to file taxes and and how to invest.
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West Salem is a very unique school district. Teachers really get to know their students, which makes the classroom environment much more relaxed and fun. Their STEM programs are amazing, as are the literature classes. There are many opportunities for students who want to accelerate their learning and they even offer to pay for college courses if a student has exhausted all other classes the school offers on the student's subject of interest. Homecoming week is so fun and never fails to keep everyone smiling. There are many resources for LGBTQ and minority students, as well.
All and all West Salem is a good school to get an education. The diversity is poor but the people are not. There are many teachers that will go out of their way to help see you succeed.
I moved to West Salem two years ago. I have enjoyed my time here at West Salem. This school has many clubs, activities, sports, and many more for anyone to join. It has many opportunities and Im glad to be graduating from West Salem.
Overall great school. Friendly and competent teachers, big course selection, many opportunities. Very nice art and music programs, and beautiful new facilities, especially the middle school.
I like the fact that all 3 schools are in the same radius. I like that when I was in Elementary and Middle we could walk to each school and walk to the high school for activities. It made the transition from each school very easy.
West Salem school district is overall very welcoming. I have been through nearly my whole education in this district, and I am very thankful I had the opportunity to be a Panther. The school spirit at West Salem is immense and unlike any other. Homecoming Fridays are a no class day where the whole school is in the gym rallying for the big game. The academics provided me the knowledge to go to my dream college and even earn college credit while at high school.
Overall, West Salem School District is above average. However, in such a small town diversity and opportunity can be lacking.
It has a small town feel for sure. Everyone knows each other by name, no one is every a stranger. The classes are a decent size, but teachers always make sure that everyone can get the one-on-one time they may need. The main mission at West Salem is for everyone to achieve. Everybody has a chance to success, and there is plenty of community members that make that known and have no problem helping.
Good environment. Always make the best for the kids. They really seem to care about the students and academics for everyone.
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