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There are good & bad parts to every school, but overall West Ottawa is a great school district. The staff encourages students to do their best not only at school but in every day life by having anti bully days & going through specific moral lessons in order to make sure that all students are accepted in their community. Academically, our school is known for high GPA's and SAT scores because there is always help available and our school strives to be college, career and life ready so students are motivated to be successful. When it comes to sports, we have really good teams. Our basketball team has lead our school to the finals & our swimming team won state championships. Sports aren't everything, but what's important is the teamwork that the students in West Ottawa show when accomplishments like those are made.
West Ottawa did an excellent job in giving students opportunities to pursue education. The teachers are fantastic, class sizes great, food surprisingly good, and facilities in great condition. The administrative staff is very engaged with the schools, and the new high school principal did really well in engaging students. At the high school, the college advisors were immensely helpful for me in my college search and the application process. The fine arts programs are also outstanding, particularly the amazing teachers in those programs. The only wish I had was more encouragement to pursue things such as dual-enrollment, early college, etc.
This whole system is run by some very hard working people, and you'll be hard pressed to find as genuine and caring teachers as the ones that West Ottawa employs
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I really like West Ottawa, it has lots of options regarding classes and extracurriculars. The teachers are very helpful and willing to provide opportunities outside of class to help you.
There was great diversity noticeable in the hallways of the school, and the teachers treat every student equally- reducing favoritism and ensuring every student performs at their best. There are a variety of clubs and sports to join for any gender, sexuality, or political/religious beliefs. The school is clean and has good relaxed security to ensure students are safe in their learning environment. This school has offered a variety of opportunities for me, whether it be with electives, AP, or even IB classes (which not many other schools in my area have). They also have great study sessions after school and offer great ACT/SAT prep for juniors when that time comes. I would not trade my high school experience for anything else.
I love where I got to school. Most of the pride for my school is for my teachers, who work so hard to give us the best education we can get. They are truly great people and show a lot of interest in helping us succeed. I also especially love the diversity in our schools. So many different people coming under the same 2 roofs to learn is incredible.
In high school, I enjoyed the teachers because they wanted everyone to succeed and become a better person. Many f the teachers wanted be involved with the students. Each teacher had a different way of teaching. The teacher that I enjoyed the most were the ones which gave real life learning that can be applied into college and other parts of life. There was more then the subject that they taught. My school could in prove with the way they set up the standardized testing days. They were poorly set up.
The teachers in West Ottawa are nice and helpful. No racism, and counselors alway ready to help you overcome your obstacles.
I am currently a sophomore student attending West Ottawa Public School. With the teachers and administrators offering the amazing classes and curricular makes me have more options on classes to take. I am very pleased to attend a safe and kind environment. Thank you to the help of the Holland community which makes West Ottawa High School a great school.
I love my district, because from an early age they prepare their students for life, to get along with other and to solve problems without getting into physical violence; they have no tolerant for violent actions and they take student safety seriously. Though there is one thing I would change, I think if they want other students to like the school that they should do more festivals like they did for us when we were kids, and to change their food menu.
I love that there is so much to o in the way of academics as well as clubs and sports. There is always something for everything. There is always more to add. Wohs is great at this. It is easy to make more clubs. Something that can change is that they need to do more to get us involved in college. They already do a great job. They just need to push us more for those who need college. There is and always will be things that can change. I feel that Wohs has done as much as they can to address this.
Great school district the teachers really care about the students and want to help. The early college program is a great asset for the district and students my daughter is involved and is making great strides towards her associates degree.

They do need to improve there guidance counselors
It's a very good place to be apart of, Everything here is fantastic and everyone here is very welcoming and helpful!
West Ottawa offers a grand variety of advanced AP, IB, and extracurricular courses that allows students the full range and capacity to explore and pursue their passions or interests. The school is diverse and accepting of students of all backgrounds, religions, sexualities, etc. West Ottawa poses no limits for students. The friendly and well intentioned staff does everything in their capacity to teach and impact students' lives.
West Ottawa provides all students with equal opportunities to be successful. As a student, I have seen peers come from difficult family lives and thrive at this school. The admin have done an excellent job creating a well rounded atmosphere, and I love the school pride we experience while breaking athletic records, educational records, and even records for the amount of money we raise for our community.
One thing that I really about West Ottawa is the diversity. There is many backgrounds in the West Ottawa Community. The West Ottawa district really had some great teachers! Each and every teacher strives to prepare each and every student for college. No matter what it takes them. We also have really amazing students in the district. We come from many backgrounds and no matter what race we are, we all are united in some way.
Attended West Ottawa Public School District mainly throughout my whole K-12 schooling. Loved the atmosphere, created life long friends, and fantastic teachers and staff members.
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Teachers cared, curriculum was generally challenging (at least in AP courses), but the administration did a poor job and was very self-interested.
I liked the diversity a lot in the school students. Although the teachers do not always serve par to the academics and interesting classes, most of these teachers do care a lot of the student's futures.
This school has no compassion or caring for students or parents. Talking to anybody at this school is a waste of time because they will always take the teacher or principals side even if they are in the wrong. Overall this district is a joke and I wish my kids would have never went to this school.
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