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I was raised in West Orange and now I’m raising my children in West Orange. I love the diversity in our town and especially in our schools and not many towns offer that. I also feel Redwood is a wonderful school! Everyone from the PTA to the Teachers are amazing!! You know you’re part of the West Orange Family when you can walk into the building and you are greeted by wonderful people who are addressing you by name and asking you about your family.
West Orange Public Schools is a great, diversified, school system that works to see their students succeed. There are many programs put in place for students to help them excel academically, while also including a variety of sports, clubs, activities, etc for the leisure of students. The school system could improve in minor things such as school lunch, but the minor things that can be fixed do not overrule the many great things about West Orange Public Schools. There is a family-like aspect of the community and schools and the PTA, principles, administrators, etc. all work to ensure that any issues that occur are tackled. As a student that has been enrolled in West Orange Public Schools all her life, I loved it and would do it all again.
This is a great school district and is diverse with plenty of opportunities. There are great teachers here and amazing students. This was a wonderful place to study and I enjoyed my time at every school I attended. There is also nice athletics and arts programs.
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My daughter graduated West Orange High School with honors. The West Orange school district helped prepare her, from K through 12, to become the exceptional student she is, to strive for excellence. She is currently an Ivy League student and a Presidential Research Scholar. The teachers care about the students and their successes.
This is a very diverse school. The teachers and faculty really care for their students. The school is diverse and the students receive great education. However the building is old and there are so many kids it makes it difficult to get around.
My experience with West Orange Public Schools is fantastic! The schools are extremely diverse, and provide me with a chance to get to know everyone through the various events they hold.
I really liked the diversity of the school as well as the challenge. I’ve lived in the district my entire life and I can honestly say that I feel extremely ready for college. It is going to be sad to leave the district because , in West Orange , everyone is family.
Personally Ive had an easy and smooth ride here in West Orange High school. I love the people I've encountered and the friends Ive made along the way. West orange high school has so many opportunities for you to find out where you fit. From arts to STEM programs.
Such a diverse community where all the students and teachers believed in the power of acceptance and support.
West Orange provides access to plenty of rigorous courses for more advanced students, but could use some more support for not as advanced students. There are also a lot of students under one guidance counselor and I often feel that I am not seen as an individual to most of the administration. However, Principle Floyd was an amazing principle and leader that made West Orange successful. For the most part, the teachers are decent and understanding with the exception of some.
Great school needs to improve upon scheduleing events regarding the children’s class schedule. Enjoyed the four years I had in that school sad that it will come to an end.
It is a very diverse school system and all of the teachers are caring about all of their students. The teachers are also very understanding of their students and know how to help.
Throughout the 4 years of attending West Orange High school, currently, in my 4 years, I would like to say that overall it has given me many opportunities to seek a better education. For example, the school has given students the opportunity to receive college credits by taking an after-school course from Essex County this class lasted a whole semester. Another opportunity this offers is The collegiate Institute also known as AVID to help and prepare the student for college. While being in this class I learned to be more organized by taking Cornell notes and helping the students with the whole college process. Although the rules of this school have been more strict in terms of clothing, having electronic devices during class, or having headphones while going to the next class, or making everyone in the building to where their ideas have been a positive impact in the school community.
West Orange is extremely diverse with students from very nationality, political view, sexuality, and religion, thus, providing me with valuable information in being a doctor. Being a student at West Orange Schools has allowed me to communicate with others fairly and ignore any bias that I have accumulated over the years. Additionally, the amazing staff has guided me in my journey as a prospective doctor. Each of my teachers taught me how to refrain from attempting to be perfect, be more receptive to my mistakes, and use every lesson to further myself. My guidance counselor provided me with wonderful resources for research as a high school student and assisting in designing my course schedule to bring me one step closer to my goal. In all, West Orange Schools has given me endless resources to be the person I am today and will be in the future.
Overall, they are good. The high school is a great place to be and can challenge the student if the student chooses to be challenged. Many students, however, are not motivated to work. Also, the central six is not a good idea and needs to be changed.
The teachers at West Orange clearly love their jobs and are committed to not only teaching their students but by challenging them as young adults. The resources available at West Orange are top of the line, which is essential in the learning of the students. Overall, my time as a student within the West Orange Public Schools District has been unlike no other.
I think that the schools here are very good because the teachers are really good and they care about their students. The academics are very good, a lot of courses that do not get offered at other schools, get offered in West Orange schools. In the high school, there are classes like AVID that help students prepare for high school. The schools are very good.
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I have a history with West Orange Schools. My mom and her siblings went to West Orange Schools and I have been in West Orange all my life. I enjoyed the schools, some classes are more difficult than others and some teachers are nicer than others. Cafeteria food needs improvement. For the price we pay, there is not many options or variety. I'm glad to let everyone know I graduated from West Orange High School.
I graduated from West Orange High School back in 2016 and it was a great school to attend. Teachers were very friendly and helpful, the diversity of students is outstanding, and the academics are highly ranked.
I loved attending each of the West Orange Public Schools in my area. From elementary to high school, I always had exceptional experiences with the teachers, staff, and student population. Currently, as an upcoming senior at West Orange High School, I can say that I believe that West Orange has done a terrific job creating a safe, helping, and happy environment for each and every student. West Orange Public Schools provide a variety of opportunities ranging from Volleyball to theatre, and more, allowing every student an opportunity to find their place and fit in.
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