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West Linn-Wilsonville School District Reviews

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High academic standard from start to finishing high school. Little help for children that needs a little help. Could do better with students that have parents, not from the USA. It would benefit the students in high school to be more accepting of the difference in humans.
In terms of academics, the school does well and I feel like I am learning a great deal. My problem with the school is the inherent discrimination minority groups are faced with on a daily basis with seemingly no action from admin. People of color, women, and those of the LGBTQ community have felt continuously oppressed by certain students in the school. As someone who isn't expressively religious or a "born Christian", the students of this school have treated me and others as less of a person. It all goes to show the lack of response from the admin and the intolerance the students of the school has for people who are not white Christians. This behavior is unacceptable and I am frankly appalled that this oppression is still going on after years of mistreatment. Had to be said.
Great education! Math department is a year ahead of all others in the area. Teachers care about their students. Wilsonville athletics aren’t great, but West Linn’s are. The softball program isn’t very good for either school.
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I wish there was more diversity. There are some problems with racism. I do like the teachers for the most part and the overall school spirit that flows throughout the school.
Great athletic programs at Wilsonville! A lot of amazing opportunities in music, choir and incredible theatre program
They need to be more inclusive in their curriculums, as well as make sure that all their students feel safe. They have done a pretty good job when students want to be heard, but they stop there and don't fix some large problems when needed.
My experience in the West Linn-Wilsonville School District has been very positive overall! All the teachers are very helpful and encouraging. I feel welcomed by the environment and find it very empowering how students feel safe to protest outside the school. Not only are academic classes great, the arts programs are incredible as well. I have taken band for three years and our band programs are exceptional! We may not win state every year but we are very supportive of one another and we love to make music. One flaw is that there are very few students of color and almost no teachers of color. By hiring a more diverse group of teachers students of color would feel more comfortable at school. I also have noticed that some clubs and activities are prioritized over others. As a dancer at West Linn High School, I would appreciate if we were allowed more time in the main gym. I find that we often get second choice when it comes to who gets the main gym.
This district has always created a good learning environment. There are ample opportunities for students to get involved in the community, and the people are very nice. The academics are also high quality, the sports teams are inclusive, and the after school programs are fun for the kids. Overall this is an excellent district.
West Linn is a great community with lots of support from students, teachers and parents. They are strong in all athletics with great school support. Most teachers are very helpful. The school is a little crowded and there isn’t enough parking.
Above and beyond academically. Striving for nothing but the best. They will help you do what it takes to get there.
This is the best school district my four kids have ever attended. The breadth of excellent programs is amazing. Between music, visual arts, sports, STEM, AP offerings, a multitude of extracurriculars, and great support for those with learning differences-- there is so much that sets this district apart from the others in Oregon. I am very proud to be a parent of the WLWV School District.
I have lived in Wilsonville all my life. When I walked into the high school my freshman year I knew it was going to be a very special 4 years.
West Linn School District provides students with a high quality, engaging education from caring and knowledgable teachers and staff.
Wilsonville high school is probably like most other schools. Some teachers are great like Mrs. Hamer and mr. Fowler and others are not as good. This school is pretty divided when it comes to classes theres the kids who were put in advanced math in sixth grade and then the ones who wernt and pretty much there isn't a whole lot of cross over between the two sections I guess.
Classes are challenging, and there's a lot of AP courses offered. The downside is the community as a whole, and the teachers. At least half the teachers our good, while the others have terrible attitudes. It especially is upsetting to be in a AP course with a teacher that won't help you improve. Most students are super competitive, and there's not a lot of diversity. Over all, it's academically good, but socially terrible.
Great school with lots of academic opportunities! Only thing I am reserved about are its lack of student diversity and real counselor help.
I went to West Linn High School for 2 years. They have a wonderful range of clubs and opportunities. I had a few really outstanding teachers while I was there as well. I never ordered the cafeteria food, myself, but I heard regular complaints about it. West Linn High is probably on the higher end of the scale for public high schools, but then, I don't have others to compare it to. The facilities are always pretty nice though.
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My siblings are all current students in the West Linn-Wilsonville school district, and have wonderful support from their teachers and plenty of educational resources to reach their goals.
Our district not only offers rigorous academics, it more importantly supports students in a truly holistic way. Many, many students join clubs, music groups, sports, study groups....It is impossible to drive past West Linn High school at almost any time of the day or evening, weeknight and weekend, and not see kids, adults, teachers and coaches moving all over campus. We moved into this school district specifically because of the stellar reputation of the West Linn- Wilsonville schools. Our children have thrived here.
I attend West Linn High School and really enjoy the school culture as well as the fantastic teaching and resources.
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