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West Lafayette Community School Corporation Reviews

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The good: diversity, small community atmosphere, excellent teacher base

The not so good: students with special needs are often not accepted, average students must find their own help/assistance
This is an excellent school district. The staff and administration are amazing. The school district is upgrading facilities. The community is highly supportive of the school district.
A good school with high academic expectations. As a student there I constantly feel the need to be competitive about STEM classes. I wish they would pay more attention to their students mental health though, as a majority suffer from anxiety and/or depression. Good amount of diversity and being so close to the Purdue Campus is a bonus too.
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West Lafayette Sr High School is like a small world within the world. All the world nations, cultures, languages and people are represented here. A community of diversity like no other! It's truly the most vibrant place you can find in the Midwest. Mostly due to Purdue University, West Lafayette is a little model of a perfect world.
I particularly enjoy the wide range of activities, such as clubs and athletics, that are available to all West Side students. Also, the rigor of the academics is sufficient for most students and fairly prepares us all for college. Furthermore the school is a very safe environment.
The west Lafayette community school corporation is very friendly, making it easier for students to open up to counselors, and is also quick to crack down on bullying. The academics are also very excellent, offering regular classes that would normally be considered honors in other schools, and teaches it in a way that the students will understand. the teachers are willing to go as far as getting to school early, staying at lunch and after school just to make sure that every student understands the curriculum.
I really like the schools, however, they're very cliquey and competitive. I've had great experiences in lots of different clubs including serving organizations, robotics, debate, coding clubs and several sports. There truly is a place for everyone at this school and it is a great environment for most people. It's pretty competitive, but for me, that's a good thing. I also think it's a perfect size; small enough where you know most people but large enough that there's a lot of opportunities. However, it's not perfect for everyone. If you struggle academically, you may find west side to be a difficult environment as there's a lot of focus on academics. Also, most the teachers are quite ordinary, it's the students who push for a more rigorous school environment.
It's really nice, all of the other students are good mostly and the teachers are great! The teachers offer help for bullying and house problems. I feel safe and happy when I'm at school. The school is overall very clean with good food. All kids eat healthy there is a variety of foods and friendly lunch ladies.
A very nice school to go to. Lots of different activities and classes to allow one to have many choices for what they want to do later in life. They also help with finding the right college for you and with getting into said college.
West Lafayette offers a challenging curriculum that definitely prepares one not only for college, but also for the real world. The administrators and staff are absolutely wonderful. Most of the teachers I have had throughout all four years of high school, and two years of junior high, have genuinely influenced my life in one way or another.
West Lafayette is the best public high school in the state. It excels in academics and is amazing at athletics, too. The people are fantastic and I love everything about it. I am so glad I went to high school at West Side.
I grew up going to school in the West Lafayette Community School Corporation. I love being in all the schools of this community and even may want to teach there when I graduate. What I enjoy most about the school corporation is that it is extremely diverse. There are so many students with different backgrounds and cultures and going to school with all these classmates gives such a great opportunity to learn about different cultures and make life-long friends while doing so. Overall I think this community is amazing and I feel extremely privileged that I was able to grow up and go through school in the West Lafayette Community School Corporation.
Great school, people, just an amazing environment overall for raising a child and shaping them to be wonderful human beings.
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