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West Irondequoit Central School District Reviews

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Being a part of the West Irondequoit school district has been one of the best experiences of my life. I was able to meet so many new students and faculty, and build impact connections that will last for years. This district works hard to maintain a comfortable and welcoming learning environment, and they also work to improve anywhere they can. They consider the opinions of not only the staff and teachers, but the students and community members as well.
My overall experience was positive. I would have enjoyed the opportunity to take a wider variety of courses.
The teachers have always been very helpful and I have never had an issue feeling uncomfortable in my environment.
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For those who want to learn, West Irondequoit is a great district to do so. I had amazing teachers who taught me the information important to learning their specific subject, as well as invaluable life lessons about finances, college, careers, and more. I had access to great art, music, business, and technology classes, helping me explore all the different paths I could take in my future.
While most of the teachers pushed their students to work hard, the administration was obsessed with graduating every student. Students who did not meet requirements often still graduated, as the administration forced teachers to inflate grades so that the students would pass. This effectively discouraged hardworking students and made the Irondequoit diploma feel like much less of an accomplishment. For the most part, West Irondequoit has a great staff and opportunities for students, but it needs to change its priorities to producing college or career ready graduates, not just high graduation rates.
i really liked all the teachers and there learning style in order to keep the kids engaged and fully understand the content. I think that they should cange the way authority of the school treats students. though they are very nice there is TONS of favoritism.
Overall I did enjoy my time at West Irondequoit, however I never felt that the teachers were very helpful. Whenever I have tried to ask for help sorting through colleges to find one that would fit me, the counselors have been unhelpful. Other than that, the school had some great staff and a lot of classes to choose from (including AP options for most courses). This gave me the oppurtunity to take several AP level classes and be in an enviorment where the people around me actually took the classes seriously, making for a much better learning experience.
Although I didn't receive all the opportunities that I attempted to take part in, it taught me that small failures can motivate me to keep persisting with my goals. The teachers always care about the mental health and the knowledge retained in students. One thing I would change is rank and BOE meetings. I believe keeping rank encourages students to try harder in their studies, and one day they may see their name at the top. Also, the school should encourage students to attend the BOE meetings. This would make students more involved in the community and allow them to represent the insights of the youth.
I grew up in the Irondequoit school system, many of my friends including myself went to well known colleges. Over all I enjoyed my time but the work load can be strenuous because it seemed as though teachers did not work together.
great experience, make some new friends and the teachers care for the future of the students, the location is excellent, have prestigious sport team
West Irondequoit has amazing education and the teachers do a great job with providing comfort and care to the schools. I was a new student that transferred from East Irondequoit and instantly noticed and amazing change of better education and nicer and kinder people. Like they say “west is best” that is 100% true.
The West Irondequoit school district is a built in family that has taught me many lessons in life. When i was in seventh grade i was quickly taught love responsibility and respect was what the community consists of and it was vividly shown. I immediately found a family with the friends and all the relationships i have made. Even though i went to private schools growing up, and not the local public schools like the rest of my friends, it didn't stop the love shown for me and how easily accepted i was . The teachers and staff have also created a fun work place that makes me driven with courage to do my work at my greatest ability to achieve my future goals.
Irondequoit High School is filled with teachers who consistently do their best to educate students and look out for their future livelihood. As a senior, teachers from my freshman year greet me in the hallway with a smile. The teachers are willing to write you recommendation letters at your request, read over your college essays, and play a pivotal part in your post-secondary education.

IHS is a diverse place. However, there are defined cliques, and there are fights on a regular basis. Students are permitted to wander the hallways and trash and vape in the bathrooms without restrictions.

IHS is known for its stellar football team and lacrosse teams. While games for these sports are always spirited, other sports are disenfranchised. The track team can't afford jerseys while the Girls' LAX team gets to play explicit music over the loudspeakers during their practices. The fact that football and LAX are glorified increases segregation of those who are popular from everyone else.
All high schools have their downfalls, but Irondequoit offers many different programs to help the experience be more enjoyable. Irondequoit offers music, art, sports, technology, business, and more.
Very diverse school which always everyone to feel welcome. I wish the vending machine would allow us to but a five dollar bill in instead of just 1
High school helped me learn from my mistakes and grow as a person. The teachers and staff were always willing to help and helped me through it all!
The school district is small but there are many opportunities given to the students through a variety of clubs, sports, and academic clubs.
I was born and raised in West irondequoit. I love this district, I would tell anyone to move here. As a person of color, it can be a little difficult to feel comfortable since there is not a lot of diversity. The curriculum is great. They don’t say “west is best” for nothing!!
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I liked that West Irondequoit has a great graduation rate and has great teachers and resources. there are a lot of ways to get ready for college. they have a college and career center with very nice ladies to help students apply for colleges and scholarships, and can help students get jobs. they also have tech, business and art classes that can help a student find his or her passion. some classes even offer college credit. AP classes are available for all students and there are very passionate and driven teachers ready to help students in any way they can. the only downside is the administrative part of the school who get paid way too much making too many bad political decisions like the crappy lunches that the lunch ladies try very hard to make the best out of it.
For the most part, I've really enjoyed my teachers. They're always available to help me. However, our school is a bit cramped, and I don't think there's enough emphasis on anti-bullying.
West Irondequoit School District has given me the best high school experience I could've asked for. With a high emphasis on STEM, arts and sports, I've been more than well rounded in my time here.
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