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West Holt Public Schools Reviews

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It is a small school and the best part is that everyone is working together to help all students succeed and go places in life.
While I was at West Holt a saw a lot of growth and change throughout the years. It is difficult to learn in this type of environment and it made for a less pleasurable experience with this school. The one thing I could always count to pick me up was the teachers. My favorite was my English teachers, who a gift to this earth.
Its a great place to learn and play sports. Its a small school so you know everyone there. I like that, I have a personal relationship with everyone.
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Some things I like about West Holt are the many opportunities I am given to learn. I also like being able to choose between a wide variety of classes and activities. I never feel left out at West Holt. I would also like to mention the great teaching staff at West Holt. Every teacher is nice and helpful to their students. Some more details on why I enjoy attending West Holt besides the academics are the sports I attend. Because we are a class D school I usually never have to try out for a team. At West Holt I attend wrestling and golf. I plan on joining the cross country team next year. In conclusion I believe that West Holt is a great place to attend school, If you are looking for a great school that is very excepting shift your focus to West Holt.
West Holt is a great school. I've moved around a lot, and it wasn't until I came to West Holt that I realized I had a home. I have personal relationships with many of the teachers who actually seem to care about where I go in life. I do, however, wish that the lunch system was improved.
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