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There are many things in this school district that I like and there are some that I don't like. This school districts is tremendously excellent at science and technology.
West Chester is really a good college and the people and more things to and learned I would to go there.
This district is so amazing and the teachers and wonderful and the sports and music programs are very good.
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This school district is the best out of others. We are fortunate enough to have the best laptops and iPads for kids in this area. Even though the area is not really diverse everyone is accepting and nice. The board And principals do everything they can to make school the best and safest for the students.
My time in West Chest Area School District was quite a memorable one. I am a black girl in a school that is predominantly white, so it was quite a challenge to fit in without sticking out. Most of my friends do not share my complexion, but I do have a few friends who are also minorities so I never was too distressed about differences. I was fortunate enough to never experience racism, however, I cannot say the same about others. I do wish that English curriculum included more stories by authors who are minorities than white authors. We always read about the holocaust and the one minority book we would read would be about slavery which is frustrating. There are other instances in history that aren't slavery involving African Americans along with other cultures. Diversity in literature is as important as diversity in the classroom, and it didn't feel diverse. I can count the number of books we read by minorities on my hand which is not good at all. That definitely needs to change.
It used to be a good district, but after the class of 2020 graduated, many rules were changed for the other grades. Now, valedictorian guidelines have changed. It's no longer who is the most hardworking. Also, the Acc. Honors classes are now weighted the same as AP classes. It seems that they are rebuilding the system to cater to students who take easier classes and still want to be valedictorian. In this way, someone taking a Acc. Honors classes and getting a A+ will do better than someone with an A in an AP class, which is already pretty hard to get. In addition, their high school gifted program: paideia, is just another english class. Don't take it your first two years, and take colloquiam for 11th and 12th instead. Obviously, the school board is full with concerned parents with dim children, and they are trying to cater more to their children. This district is NOT IT.
Dr. Scanlon is a great superintendent and often gives snow days. I only have it 4 stars because my senior year was cut short :/.
West Chester area school district is one of my favorite schools so far. We have a lot of cultural diversity and we are one of the best schools in academics and sports. There are a lot of clubs and activities that we are involved in and each year they is more of them added.
WCASD is a great school district; all three of the schools are continuously ranked in the top 100 schools in Pennsylvania for a reason. I can't think of anything that I wished the district would change. The superintendent, administrators, and almost all the staff are amazing. They have great resources, such as technology, activities, and clubs, and offer AP classes and dual enrollment. I feel more than prepared to go to college. The district also handled COVID-19 very well.
The staff and community of WCASD is very welcoming and kind. They all have the students best interests in mind and always go the extra mile to help their students achieve their goals.
I attended East high school in the West Chester Area School District. It is one of three high schools in the district. I would say it falls in the middle of the three as far a rating it. I did really like my high school experience. I feel that the teachers did really care about us as students and helped get us ready for college. Academically I feel that my school gave us many class choices at the various levels (I.e. AP, honors, and grade level). I also feel that there were many resources if one needed help academically. My school has many different clubs, sports and activities. I feel that there was something for everyone to get involved. Most importantly I feel that the school campus is extremely safe. I never felt like I was in any danger while at school. The biggest things that I would change would be I would have liked more choices in the cafeteria and I would like to have a more diverse student population. My school is predominantly white.
I feel that the school has a lot to offer. When I walked thru the doors as a freshman and was taken back by being a shy stranger in a big school the teachers and administration helped me adjust.
The only draw back that was had was by transportation. Being in a big district with a Jr high school next to the high school both schools were bused at the same time causing overcrowding and lack of seats some times.
I have personally had an amazing time in the West Chester Area School District. I have been in the district for all of my K-12 education, and within the first few years i had struggled, but the WCASD staff and teachers worked hard to put me back on track. Now I am 18 and graduating from Rustin and going into my dream college. All thanks to West Chester Area School District.
At West Chester University It is very diverse although it is claimed to be a PWI. They are very welcoming and is a safe and fun environment
No complaints aside from a couple of teachers. If I ever needed something there was always somewhere or someone to go to, which I think is very important for a high school to have available. I have nothing else to say but i need 100 characters so I'm writing this last sentence to make sure I'm safe.
I have been apart of WCASD my whole life, and although my school life has not always been outstanding, it has been my whole life. It is truly all I know, and I am grateful I got to be apart of this amazing school district. I have met life-long friends and have had some amazing teachers. I wouldn't mind at all if my kids were apart of this district as well!
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The school district provides a high level of academic instruction at a variety of levels. There is a wide variety of class topics available to foster and encourage student interests.
The school district is amazing! The superintendent, Jim Scanlon, and all the board members are extremely considerate and constantly find ways to check in with the students. I've been in the WCASD district for my entire K-12 education, and have appreciated every staff member I've encountered.
I love my school district, all of my teachers and principals have been so great and nice! I’ve really enjoyed going to school in this district.
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