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Wentzville R-IV School District Reviews

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A wonderful place to go to everyday, that truly captures the joys of learning, teaching, and growing.
The wentzville school district listens to its community and takes action to make the school district better and safer. They care about their community, especially the people in their community, and that is what separates them from other school districts.
The Wentzville School District is very communicative and interactive with both students and parents. It is obvious that the teachers thrive in the jobs and really care for the students. During the current pandemic crisis we had several teachers reach out personally to see how the kids were fairing.
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The district provides Chromebooks for students. They determine whether to have snow days appropriately.
I feel that there were some extremely qualified teachers, and I was able to learn a lot from them, but there were many that it was clear they didn't care about their job or teaching. It made it difficult to understand what they were trying to teach, and it was aggravating when some of them only assigned busywork. I think there are only teachers on two opposite ends of the spectrum: they are either outstanding or they are some of the worst. There have even been petitions begun by students to have teachers more closely evaluated because of how poor their performance was. But I only ran into a few of these teachers. Overall my high school experience was positive and memorable, there were teachers that really cared, and being a part of the activities at the school and going to events made an impact. There were so many different ways to get involved, and those who were involved in sports or clubs were always beautifully passionate about what they were doing.
I love how the teachers are hands on and willing to help and support all the students.. I was able to focus on school and work because of this. Anytime I needed help they were always there
I go to Holt High School, which was the first high school of the three currently running. It's a good school, but also a very old school. However, the academics, teachers, etc. pale in comparison to those of Timberland and Liberty High School (the other two high school in the district.
I had been in the Wentzville school district since 7th grade, I had moved into the district over the summer. After transferring, I got along with everyone and I loved the environment. High school was great there also. My school had just been built, and I was apart of the 3 graduating class. I loved all the teachers. The teachers were like a family. Even if I hated the class and the criteria, all the teachers made it enjoyable.
I loved going to school in the Wentzville School District. The teachers are all very welcoming, and are there to assist you in so many ways possible. I have made very strong connections with most of my teachers while being a student in the Wentzville School District and believe that any upcoming students will have the same experience! The sports are very competitive and I loved that about this district. Teams were always very well put together, and based upon skill and grades/ how well students were doing in school. The administrative staff is full of kind people who are always there to help. Most students would even say they've formed bonds with some of the administrative staff. Overall, the Wentzville School District is warm and welcoming and a great place to attend school.
As a parent of students attending Crossroads Elementary School, we have had a very positive experience. Our school leaders, teachers and support staff are amazing!
I went to the newest high school, Liberty, and I feel that I had great opportunities because of the growing district. I think that the district is improving and growing to fit the expanding community.
Wentzville School district is a great school district that offers many classes. I would like to see more resources to help with preparing for college.
I think they provide a good education and most teachers really care about their students well being and want us to succeed in the classroom. I've had some teachers that didn't care very much about lesson planning and classwork but for the most part the school gives a good education to those who are willing to learn.
My experience at Wentzville was pretty decent. I don't mean to sound pessimistic, but there could definitely be some upgrades in general here. I would like to see a less "possy like" student body, more student-teacher involvement, and all around a more caring environment. Sometimes it just feels as if I am walking in a bug building all on my lonesome, because I feel as if many teachers and staff do not even know my name, and this is my fourth year in the school. I will point out that a couple of my teachers have been wonderful, but as I stated before, there could definitely be some improvements.
My experience in the Wentzville School District has been overall relatively positive. I have learned a great deal about a variety of subjects and the teachers I have had have been kind to me. I have had a few negative experiences but have been able to get through them with the help of the school's staff and those around me. There I things I wished I knew more about, mainly things that would help more in the real world, but what I have learned it useful. My teachers are open and are clearly passionate about what they do. It makes learning much more fun and gets students more involved.
This has always been the best school district in MO I have had 3 kids in this district. The school always keeps in touch with all the parents and makes sure that we are aware of the grades and works with the students if they are struggling.
School district is average. I would like to see in the future more individual based enthusiasm. This district also lacks meal quality, college readiness(regarding most teachers), and overall morale for education.
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My experience in the Wentzville School District has been great. The bullying in the District is very low and they teach their students wide variety of ways to make sure that they understand what is being taught. All in all if you want your kid to have a good education the this School District is the one for you.
The Wentzville R-IV School District was really great to grow up in. I always felt safe, and when I left I knew that I was prepared for what was ahead of me.
I love being in the Wentzville School District. The teachers and administration strive to help their students succeed in every possible manor. The students are cared for and consistently loved on by the teachers.
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