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Wellsville Unified School District Reviews

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Graduated class of 2020, the schools has done everything in their power to give the seniors a good graduation, even with COVID-19. Great teachers, small school, close bond between everyone. So hard to say goodbye!
My experience at wellsville high school is amazing! I’ve been in wellsville my whole school education. My teachers are wonderful and they always are helpful. The school is not too small and not too big. It is perfect for one on one with teachers and to make close friends.
Wellsville is overall a great school system that has many perks that come with being a smaller district. Student to teacher ratios are awesome, and there are many resources available to help individuals succeed!
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Most of the teachers are great! Athletics are definitely a big focus of this school district and maybe too much of a focus as everything else seems to be left behind. Wellsville is such a small town there are definitely favorites but most of the time everyone gets along. Not many clubs, and not very diverse either. Food is average. Facility is old, with you guessed it, new stuff for the weight room and gyms while everything else seems to get older and older. Kind of on your own to prepare yourself for college as well. The culture isn't diverse at all.
The students of Wellsville know nothing about being welcoming to the new kids. I started at WES in the fourth grade where I could almost always hear the light chatter of people talking behind my back. Each year my class got a little older, the more accepting they were of everyone. Now -as a senior- everyone is okay with everyone. As we were a small school, academics weren't always the most difficult making my life just about stress free. The teachers are all great, the food is average, and everyone just kind of goes by. I can't wait to look back on my high school experience.
It's wonderful, there just needs to be more teachers able to help the students. It's programs and classes are easy to navigate.
I liked the sense of community and encouragement from teachers, administrators, parents, and peers. Did not prepare me for college, however.
Teachers pick favorites, most don't care enough about the students to teach them properly. The people in charge leave the teachers and students in need of materials, and instead spend it on sports.
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