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I liked the teachers I thought they were very willing to help and for the most part had a great attitude.
I had a good relationship with my teachers. I would have appreciated if they had offered more assistance in the process for applying to my desired college. It has been challenging to learn how to apply for not only college but also financial aid. I will say they constantly try to change it up and switch how they run things and it gets quite annoying and difficult to adjust our lives and classes to the new rules they give us because of all the kids who couldn't follow the current rules that were given. For example the first two years of high school I was used to using our lunch which was a total of an hour to improve and go back and forth between classes after eating in order to either study, retake papers and test, do extra assignments in order to get a better grade. Then without giving any sort of good heads up they took it away completly because of all the kids who couldn't use it for what it was made for and that messed up a lot of things for the students who used it wisely.
I loved attending schools in WISD. There are, however, a few things that can be improved upon! I will say that the AP program was very successful and completely prepared me for the difficulty of college courses.
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I was apart of Weatherford ISD for 6 years. I made tons of friends and had some amazing teachers. like most students, I did have some teachers I did not necessarily like, however each year I always had that one teacher who made coming to school worth it.
just like any other school, Weatherford did have its problems. There were lots of fights and multiple bomb/ gun threats. fortunately nothing other than a threat occurred, but being in lockdown with that possibility is still nerve racking.
I will say though, Weatherford was an overall good school and I couldn't imagine the past 6 years anywhere else.
For being a small town the school had a lot to offer. It even gives intensive for students to graduate high school by allowing automatic acceptance into the local, community collage
I think the school should hold students with more accountability and give less leeway on past due assignments that are unexcused. I also think there could be less free time during class. Though I enjoy the free time to work on homework for other classes, I feel I'm missing out on the additional information I could learn if the class period was used in full.
During my time at Weatherford High School, I have been witness to many different problems. The bathrooms have been trashed and shut down, school funding has repeatedly gone to unnecessary athletic buildings, and other important programs and academics have gone relatively ignored. However, a good portion of the teachers there are absolutely incredible, going out of their way to impact students' lives and promote the subject they teach. Overall, for a public school, Weatherford does not go above and beyond, but it is not too terrible.
The school lacked in opportunities for all students. The teachers were biased and did not offer any help, when asked they were often rude and unhelpful. The only program that was exceptional was the band and theatre department at Tison.
There is a lot of academic opportunities at Weatherford senior year and post graduation. For example, internships and certificates are available. However, it is a huge school and it is easy to get lost in the crowd.
I have attended Weatherford Indepedent School my whole life, and overall I would like to say that it has been well put together. The only problem I have faced within these schools is the amount of disrespect students have inside this school and how teachers/admin treat students.
The teachers were mostly supportive and helped me if i fell behind for a little, and the community back the school district within sports which I was a part of.
I feel as though we have experienced great outcome from our experience @ WISD overall. Teachers’ communication, safety and knowledge base is all very effective.
Weatherford as a whole is a great school, their willingness to do anything they can for the wellbeing of the students is amazing. They've helped prepare me for college and life in the real world in so many different ways such as: Allowing me to explore different career options, help me with information on filling out different scholarships, helping me explore what colleges are available to me. Overall the support given to myself and all other students is amazing.
The experiences and memories are something really important to me and the bonds made with faculty . Teachers throughout the three years I've been at WHS have been some of the best teachers I've had they understand you and try to make you a better student and person . As a senior I think all the opportunities they offer us as individuals for scholarships and chances to get certified in things most people would have to go to college for is something is most high schools don't offer . All in all Weatherford High School is a well diverse campus.
The home games plus being involved with sports and campus activities. I have had a good time at my school and i feel like i have been better.
Weatherford Highschool is a school where you can go and be yourself, and discover more of yourself. They provide great teachers that help you towards graduation.
While attending Weatherford high school I enjoyed being part of the band with the diverse variety of students who shared the same interest in either marching or concert band. Unfortunately, considering the high school as a whole there is certainly some lackluster ideas forced upon its students. This is true with the school's inability to prepare students with consequences regarding their actions, the poor security over the school and its classes, lastly the consistent switch of principle to principle.
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Weatherford High School is a great school. It is very large and a 6A school. The 9th grade is at a different location due to its size of students. I have great teachers and am offered academic variety of classes. The food, however, is not so great and we cannot leave campus for lunch.
Nice building, academics and teachers are first rate. Tutoring is available for those needing it. Counseling for college needs to be improved. Administration changes hands too often. Sports are preferred over other extracurricular activities.
WHS is a culturally diverse high school that thrives on excellence. I like how the educators are engaging and are committed to their student successes. I would only change the district to equally commend the athletics and arts as much as academics. I would further equalize the monetary distribution to all sports and not just football.
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