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This is a very average inclusive school that I choose to switch back to after going to a very religious judgmental school.
very good school, every teacher is amazing and it has been a great experience here. there are many programs to do including sports, band and clubs.
I think Wayland does a great job preparing us high school students for either a job or to go into college and get a higher education. They take intricate time and make sure no student is left behind while teaching material. Also I believe that Wayland Union Schools has done an exceptional job at making a hybrid schedule that works and flows nicely although it would be nice to get back in school 5 days a week.
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Teachers are great, but the high school teachers make up most of the teachers that seem like they actually like their jobs. Students' voices are "listened to" but no action takes place. Not a bad school district, but they need to check their priorities and, this is bias, but they might want to look into hiring a new speech therapist for the elementary school. Not sure if a certain one is there still, but if a student has "Special Needs" on their file for 3 years due to having a speech impediment/lisp, at least make sure the lisp is corrected. After a certain period of time, the speech therapy should fix it, especially if the student has to carry the weight of being "Special Education" because they have a lisp.
Wayland Union Schools has some of the most caring staff members, much of the teachers as well as other employees are very invested in the lives of students. This makes the school feel very welcoming and no student ever goes unseen or unnoticed. There is a lot of help available to students struggling and the school does a good job of understanding that everyone has different learning paces.
I loved how the Wayland school district provided me with an opportunity to do accelerated classes. This really got me ahead of everyone else and I started learning High School material in 7th grade. Wayland Union prepared me very well for the "real world" at college. I believe most students at Wayland feel connected to the Wayland Wildcat community, which is something I still remain proud of. However, I hope Wayland continues to work on trying to make everyone feel included, not just the individuals included in sports or clubs. I know some do feel left out, so finding more ways for them to be included would make Wayland Union Schools a 5/5 rating.
I moved here and I really enjoyed my experience. Everyone was really friendly and teachers were really nice and helped me a lot.
Wayland Union High School is a positive environment, I have always felt safe here and comfortable with my teachers and peers. One thing that I would change is the diversity of our school.
There are some great teachers here, however there are also a few who are lacking teaching skills and motivation. These are the current AP classes available
AP Calc, AP Stats, AP Lang, AP Lit, AP gov, AP World, AP US, AP Computer Science, AP Bio, AP Chem, AP Physics, AP Euro
Staff are really helpful and encouraging to students, staff, and visitors. A safe place to be even when things go south. Overall just a good place to be.
Wayland is very goo school. I’ve gone here my whole life. I love it here with all my friends and family. My dad and his family all went her when he was younger. I play 3 sports here and I love it. They staff are so nice, they get to know you and joke with you too. They keep us safe with new safety things happening. We have very good food including a Mongolian grill. Our fine arts program is amazing as I am apart of it too. My mom is also apart of the school board. We also have been upgrading parking lots and different parts of our school district. It’s my last year at Wayland union schools.
I love the spirit that we have, especially the last two years . They've grown our spirit program. The mood isnt boring or dull it is very out going.
it is very enjoyable. in my 11 almost 12 years being here as a student i have had many expericences. i play basketball and i enjoy it with all my heart. i also appreciate my teachers for helping me succeed with everything i do.
Great teachers, tons of extra curriculars , free t ok play sports. Theater program is amazing. Many volunteering opportunities for students. Parent involvement in the school is encouraged. Family like culture.
I have had a fairly good experience at Wayland. Many of the teachers have made me excited for my future and have greatly prepared me for the endeavors I have ahead of me. However, I feel as though many more opportunities could be provided to students interested in the math and science areas of study. There are very few classes in these subjects beyond the basic, entry level classes and the various, non-entry classes consist mainly of AP. I would like to see elective classes in these areas be offered to students in the future, allowing them to further dive in to subjects that interest them. Classes in areas such as genetics, research, trigonometry, and many other specific topics in math and sciences should be offered. These classes would allow students to discover new areas that they love before entering college and taking the time to find what they actually want to major in.
Wayland was a great school I loved all of my teachers there and all of the involvement in the sports. the student sections were truly amazing every single Friday nights for football and all of the other times for volleyball and basketball games. I feel very ready for college as my teachers have pushed me to become truly the best student I could be and the resources that were provided helped me out along the way.
I love the diversity of this school, and I believe that this school has an amazing social environment. This school I also feels challenges me
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Wayland union schools is very biased toward certain students. Students that participate in clubs and activities outside of the school are looked down upon. Those faculty members with students that go to the school automatically becomes popular, get homecoming queen/king, make varsity on sporting teams and get into clubs easier. This affects other students surrounding them by not getting positions they deserve. Most teachers are very easy going but others expect a lot out of us without any instruction. Instead of putting funding toward a safer football field, they spend money on new signs, parking lot, and iPads. Also, our school doesnt let us carry backpacks which causes many tardis and it's inconvenient. Some positives about the school though is most students are very accepting, music is appreciated by students, and our food is pretty great.
Wayland Union High School has great staff, but they can sometimes be overwhelmed. Class sizes are a bit large, but teachers are usually capable of handling them. However, the school does have some issues with diversity and inclusion. The food is great and the school offers many activities.
There is a lot of school spirit, and most teachers are very welcoming and connect one on one with their students. There is an abundance of after school clubs and sports to join as well.
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