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I did not have issues with the district leadership or conduct, but I am aware of some problems in the way they interact with and support (or don't support) special needs students.
I really enjoyed my time at the Wausau School District, especially in high school. They didn't handle Covid prep or decision making as I would have hoped, but our principals and administrative staff really stepped up to provide us with the best education and activities possible while still keeping social distancing in mind.
I love it at Wausau West. There are so many opportunities. Everyone is involved and everyone wants you to be successful. They really care about every student.
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I am new so I haven’t been there that long but for the time that I have been there everyone has been very nice and helpful
I really enjoyed the flex mod system, it allowed me to learn how to be responsible enough to use my time well and helped me immensely at the start of my college career. It was a fairly diverse school in my opinion, but there could have been more. I was friends with many different kinds of people while I was there and I think that helped to shape me into the open-minded person I am today. And I loved and hated some of the teachers at the school, but I think that's just how life goes, you can't always be a winner.
I was a very active student in the Wausau School District. Most teachers there were definitely invested in how their students felt and succeeded. I felt heard on issues, and getting involved was really easy.
I think the Wausau School District truly values its students and I am overall very satisfied with the education they offer. All of the teachers and schools I have been a part of deeply care about their students and have been going above and beyond during the COVID crisis to help all of their schools and classes succeed. However there have been issues in recent years of over-filled schools and concerns raised as to how they define borders for their districts. Overall I think they are taking steps to become a very good school district but are held back by cuts to funding and dissent among members of the community over the allocation of resources.
Wausau School District is a great school district. Friendly teachers and staff. I believe the only thing that needs to be changed is, having added a "Life Class." Teaching you (students) basic skills of life they should know by the time they're out of high school. Whether that be pay taxes, pay bills, buy a car, how to get an apartment, etc. A class like that is majorly needed.
I have been with the Wausau school district my whole elementary, middle, and high school career. I can say that academic wise Wausau has excelled and have always pushed their students' academic capability. However, I have noticed that personal issues such as bullying are not dealt with as well as they should have. Administration and staff need to do better to ensure the safety of all their students. I have come to the consensus that I would totally have my children be enrolled in the Wausau school district if I had the chance. I had an amazing experience and would want the same for my future children.
I was overall impressed with Wausau School District. Both of its high-schools, Wausau East and Wausau West, offer two different higher level academic programs and both fine arts programs are outstanding.
Being part of the Wausau School District as a student has been a blessing, there is really nothing bad that I can say about the District. Overall great job Wausau School District
School system has adequate technology services for students to access, but teachers show major lack of effort to create an enjoyable learning environment. Teachers often show biased toward male students, making school more difficult if your a guy.
Most of the teachers are enjoyable to have and genuinely enjoy teaching kids. I can't say a lot about the administration, but there aren't many instances in which they were being blatantly biased or unfair.
I attended schools in the Wausau School District from K-12. I enjoyed getting to know the teaches at every level. The variety of classes, clubs, extra curricular activites, and sports available was much appreciated. I had many opportunities to get involved of which I did. The administration in every school was supportive and encouraging to their students. Overall my experience as a student in Wausau School District schools was very positive.
The Wausau School district is really nice. I've been here my whole life and it;s been a good experience. The teachers are friendly, the administration are friendly as well as the students.
I personally love the Wausau School District. It has amazing opportunities and advantages across central WI. I wish that the money spent on the school was directly for sport and more on necessary teaching needs.
I like the setup and the teachers are nice. I would like to have more variety of education of the future, we find out the areas of circles but not how to change your tires or things you will actually use for sure in the future. To get to do taxes and managing the money you have to take a class; It's not some mandatory class that you are required to take before you can graduate. We have to take so many sciences, math, English classes but most these classes aren't actually going to help in the future unless you go into one for a major and a profession
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I liked the closeness of the community and really feeling a part of an educational group. It drove me to stay motivated because I felt everyone had my back.
Overall, my experience at Wausau East specifically, has been alright. The food and teachers can leave a little bit to be desired. The pupils are also somewhat scary occasionally. 4/5
I have had a very positive experience in the Wausau School District. My teachers have been encouraging and truly want me to be the best student I can be and want me to be succesful in my future. I have always felt accepted and I feel that the majority of the students feel the same.
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