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Waukee School District is most defenitly one of the best schools. Although it is huge and there are many students, the staff does everything they can to make relationships with the students and show they care. There are so many different activities and clubs for anything you can think of. The lunches are great too!
Very helpful and nice teachers. There are many opportunities for students like many clubs, sports, APEX. The school is very crowded.
Waukee's teachers and administrators visibly care for the students. It is apparent that the students' success and happiness is made a priority at Waukee.
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Overall, the Waukee School District is amazing. All the teachers truly care about you and want to see you succeed. They will do anything possible to help you reach and achieve your goals.
It is amazing. I love Stacy the lunch lady I love all the students turn all the teachers they treat me right and teach me everything well and I love it there everybody’s very kind and very loving and I can’t wait for all the rest the students to go through what I went through
I would like to see Waukee add more variety of sports, there are many sports that Waukee does not have.
I love how innovational and involved Waukee is and the only thing I wish the district would add is an orchestra and more programs for high schoolers in the science and math fields. Great, well run school overall! Wonderful theatre, choir, band, and sports departments. Definitely one of the top public districts in Iowa.
Waukee is a good school. There are a lot of opportunities to get involved whether it be with sports or theatre or music, there is everything at Waukee. The teachers are so supportive and there is a wide variety of class options. Lots of AP opportunities too.
My experience at school has been fun and useful. I've made many friends and almost all of them have a very diverse background. Sometimes I don't like the food at school, which I am a picky eater, but most of the time I do like what the school offers. I've liked almost all of my teachers, but I have had multiple encounters and so have other students with a teacher. He is an economic teacher who has made racist comments and has made students feel bad about themselves. He told one student that he wasn't poor because of his "designer glasses". The student has the government pay for most of his things because his family can't afford it.
Overall, Waukee is a pretty good school district. They know how to handle their students, and are considered prestigious across the state. The only complaint I have is as a student with a 504 plan. I've always had excess troubles with the school because of the specific instructions on how to handle my illnesses.
The buildings and facilities are great! They are doing very good at keeping up with the rapidly expanding district. Most of the teachers are amazing and always ready to help you. However, some teachers waste a lot of class time, don't offer help, and are not willing to help you work on your grade.
It's a pretty good school district despite the massive student body. If you want a better experience at the school you would have to hang out with the correct crowd and then it will open up more opportunities for a student. Majority of the people are kind and willing to help.
Waukee is a very modern high school with a welcoming atmosphere. Teachers are flexible and easy to talk to, but also teach to the point and help students achieve their prestigious academic goals. I feel like part of a small community, despite Waukee's large size, and all students can find their group through the many sports, clubs, and activities offered at Waukee.
Waukee has tons of opportunities for students to enjoy. From APEX to a vast spread of AP classes, Waukee is at the head of the pack in the field of education.
Waukee is the best school I have been to, and I have been to 4 diffrent schools. Waukee has taught me so much and they do not allow you to give up. Waukee has this amazing program called APEX. APEX is a program where kids can learn more about what they wanna be and if they even want to be what they think. I want to be a pediatrician and I’m in the Exploration of Health Sciences APEX, We tour colleges in Iowa and work with hospitals and job shadow doctors. This is an Amazing opportunity because it truly helps you. it helped me realize that I truly do want to a pediatrician. I love working with kids and I love helping people. I’m not even done with apex and I’m already experiencing so many fun projects. I love my team and my teacher. We work very hard to achieve our very best.
I really appreciate all of the opportunities the students have to succeed at the school. The teachers are amazing at working with us and really go above and beyond to help us understand and build our skills.
As far as the education program, it's phenomenal. The teachers truly care about their students and are very knowledgeable. There are many classes and options for every student and for every after high school plan. The high school also has block scheduling which makes it not only easier to learn, but much more efficient, as well. The negative side to school district, more specifically the high school, is that sports is an extremely difficult part for many students. It's a somewhat corrupt system that is less based on your talent but majorly based upon what money your family has donated or spent, and what people you know. Non the less though I have still enjoyed my time at Waukee and will miss it when I graduate. I would still recommend this school for the Education.
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there are so many great opportunities and things to do! the teachers are great and always willing to help
The teachers are amazing and very focused on our success. There are so many options available to us. For being as big of a school as it is, Waukee High School makes you feel important to the community. I always feel comfortable when at school and that is very important to me.
Waukee provides many opportunities for its students, especially when it comes to extracurricular activities. However, I do think that the school district could work on extension opportunities for advanced students in order to provide further depth to classes and better nurture those students. That is really the biggest problem that I find in this school district. They are vigilant when it comes to creating and maintaining a safe environment for students and the community.
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