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I had a terrible experience going to high school here. There were several bomb threats when I attended the school. The facilities were old and because of this there was not proper heating in all the rooms.
Better experience if you are in accelerated programs. Not very good for students who struggle academically, resources seem limited, counselors are overloaded with students.
Watertown Public schools were wonderful when it came to diversity, many students from different ethnics really put things into perspective. The elementary schools are wonderful, the staff is amazing when it comes to the children's academics and safety. Sadly, the high school isn't the best place to attend, many of the staff are useful and care about their students, but when it comes to little things such as preparing for college. Getting assistance can be difficult.
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I grew up in Watertown and moved away when I was in my twenties. This city has shown some growth within the last few decades. Real estate develop changed the demographics of the city and brought new families in. I hope that over the next few decades they city will experience positive changes and continue to show growth.
We like the diversity and the small size but feel despite the small size there is a gap between the high achieving Students and the low achieving students that leaves the “middle of the road” students a little bit left out. You can thrive at either extreme but there is little available if you are “average”
Terrible. Apathy at the district level. Concepts taught in elementary school are the focus of a 6th grade curriculum. Advanced students paired with disinterested underachievers chastised for 'working ahead'. Inexplicable bad manners by one teacher along with ridiculously poor curriculum design met with a shrug by school board members. There are a few jewels in the rough at the elementary school level (notably proportionately much better than WMS or WHS) and an inspiring English teacher at the middle school, but apathy everywhere else. That is why people move out of this district.

When you see how much better others are, it reinforces the level of apathy in this district. It is uncool to want to learn. The exact opposite of other high performing districts with kids that want to learn and teachers that want to challenge them. Along with a school board and district administration that want to enable both.
As a student who has grown up in Watertown and attended the public schools each year, I have definitely had a really great experience. Every teacher is committed to helping students learn, even if it means taking time outside of class. I have also loved how in at Watertown teachers "teach to the test" as little as possible and really try to get students interested in learning about what they need for the real world.
Student Handbook is ridiculous. School is extremely old and aging. No parking for anyone other than teachers.
My experience at the Watertown Public schools was alright, but it could have been better. The schools could have prepared be better for college.
Not well funded, there were some great teachers but overall the education system needs to be improved.
Watertown tries to get everyone involved in all the actives that take place in the school. The teachers and conselors are so helpful when needed, there is always someone to talk to.
Watertown is a small town, in the beautiful state of Massachusetts. Within its limited borders Watertown is full of history and very friendly community member. Compared to other towns Watertown is not completely diverse. The time spent in Watertown school was memorable, although the lack of diversity was a huge disappointment
The faculty and range of classes are very good for the size of the school system. The guidance department in each school is phenomenal. However, they really need to work on the High School building. It is literally falling apart. And, in some of the elementary schools, there isn't enough room for the amount of children present. This needs to be fixed.
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