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This was an amazing school to belong to. The track team and cross country team were so much fun to run with. I really enjoyed my time here.
Great teachers and staff that truly care about their students. Overall, great experience in this district.
Really lacks in acknowledging in diversity. I started a protest just to make sure African Americans like me to get hated by the Caucasians in this school.
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Washingtonville is a fairly average school. I wouldn't call it the best time of my life, but I also wouldn't call it the worst. I feel that students not in accelerated/honors class are maybe not given as much of a chance as they should be, but teachers are quite a mixed bag.
I enjoyed my four years at Washingtonville High School. I love to do hair so I was able to attend a two year CTech program at BOCES. I’m working towards my State Board test to be a Licensed hairdresser and will take further classes once I graduate. It has been a rewarding experience for me because I was just nominated to interview for the National Honor Technical Society which is so exciting. My other passion is Art. I was able to take several Art classes and have been accepted to many colleges for Art. I have also been a part of the Cheer team where I have made lasting friendships.
My overall experience in the Washingtonville Central School District has been a great intellectual and exciting experience. The administration and teachers have been very impactful and I have learned a lot. The fellow students have kept the school upbeat and lively. I have made many close friends while in the school district.
All teachers are absolutely incredible. Rather than being just taught in education and reciting from a curriculum handed to them by New York State, many are actual professionals in their fields. This is especially apparent in the high school, where one teacher was a former employee of several large pharmaceutical companies, and others are active civil engineers. There are myriad of clubs and activities to participate in, and the school spirit is unrivaled by any other school. Social justice clubs make the place a safe haven for all students, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, religion, etc. and the administration not only teaches discipline, but strives to develop character and exemplary personalities that seek to make the world a better place.
in my experience of attending Washingtonville Central School District is the incredible education opportunities that you can get here. There are so many different elective classes that you can take. Washingtonville Central School District gives you the choices to pick almost any type of college class, as long as you have taken the required classes to graduate. They even offer classes that can help you decide your major and to prepare yourself for college in the future. All of the sports teams are highly active in the community and we have incredible coaches who motivate us to be the best that we can be. we also have so many different clubs and organizations in this school district. We have the drama club, student coalition, gay/straight alliance, cancer awareness, and so much more. One thing that I might want to see a change in would probably have to be creating more fundraisers to help support our sports teams and clubs throughout the school.
What I loved about Washingtonville High School was the fact that everyone around you is so nice from the teachers to the students attending Washingtonville. I have made strong connections with my teachers because I am always striving to learn more and they love that about me. Now on the other hand I believe the school should make sure that the lunch ladies give you what you want to pay for. One time I was buying food and I asked the lunch lady "would it be a problem to get a red Gatorade from the refrigerator?" I asked because there were none left on the stand and I've been wanting a Gatorade the whole day. With and attitude she replied " No, I am not going to get that for you" even though the refrigerator was right next to her. I answered " okay ma'am thank you anyway, have a nice day". I walked away pretty upset. Now I see how people can change your whole day by being mean.
Attending Washingtonville Central School District for 12 years was not like attending any other school. Yes, there was some difficulties - tense situations between students, misguided instruction from the teaching staff and a student parking situation that was unavoidable due to space. That is to be expected at any school. What made Washingtonville Central School District such a wonderful place to spend 12 years was the individual aspects that shined through all of the sterotypical barriers between a student and graduation : a wonderful touchdown club, a passionately supportive student body, various staff members who cared more about the students then procedures, such a talented drama department, etc. Just as any student would say while working towards their diploma "High school sucks" but the memories Washingtonville Central School District created, made it all worth while.
the food i would change. there wasn’t much variety and most of the time the cafeterias would be out of the good food for the last lunch periods which isn’t fair to those students since they didn’t get to pick their lunch times. the school athletics could have more students involved. make them have some insentive to come to games and not just simply to support the popular sports.
There's a racism issue in the high school. Self defense should not be penalized. Monitors kicking out students trying to get breakfast in the morning and screaming "IT'S 7:30 GO TO CLASS" is highly obnoxious and rude.
I love the atmosphere. there is a large diversity of students which helps each child learn more about other cultures. The faculty are nice and the school is very safe. I would like to see better food in the cafeterias as well as more in-depth checksups given to teachers.
I have had a pretty good experience in this district. The best part about it, I think, is all the course options. There are so many different electives you can take. There is also an option to attend Orange Ulster BOCES in Junior and Senior year which is an amazing program that gives all students a chance to learn something that will get them a job.
I like that everyone in Washingtonville knows one another. Its a small town, so it makes you feel closer to everyone.
It’s a great experience , the students an staff are great the teachers go above an beyond to reach out an help you if you’re struggling in your classes, I’ve had a great experience with Washingtonville high school
I love it here! Everyone has school spirit when it comes to football games soccer games, the play, anything you name it! teachers are great, they want you to learn and set you up for success
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At Washingtonville's Senior High School there is a multitude of things to be involved in. From sports to clubs, the options are endless - and each activity is filled with enthusiastic and good spirited students. Aside from the clubs, the education is outstanding and flexible. Guidance counselors help you create a challenging yet fun schedule for your classes and each teacher caters to your needs. Here, every student is well prepared for their future with an outstanding education and real-world skills.
Washingtonville CSD is a very welcoming and safe community with a wide variety of students and faculty alike. The teachers put significant effort into their jobs and work diligently for student success and growth. Students are exposed to a multitude of sports and activities that can make finding friends and establishing a sense of belonging not only extremely easy but a fun experience to remember.
Overall, Washingtonville High School was an enjoyable 4 years where I discovered what I wanted to be. I had fun, made friends, and advanced my mind.
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