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Good school and education. Would like for the counselors to help guide better for college. However, there is a ton of sports and club activities available.
I enjoyed the education learning experience and managed to make the best out of it when we faced corona. The teachers were caring and they always knew how to make the students smile. The only thing I disliked was when they were very overly protective and care too much about my well being. I had to miss school when I was told to be brought at a mental hospital because I realized that I absolutely am very appreciative for making my health a priority because of when I was trembling and shaking. Washington township is a wonderful school with the best teachers who always showed their concern and put every effort in each day.
My experiences at Washington Township High School has been very challenging when it come to the diversity in the school with students and faculty members. When I first started school my freshman year it was overwhelming, the school is so big and there are so many students and that was a little scary for me. After several weeks I signed up for multiple sports unfortunately this is where I started to experience the diversity challenges. I started to see how bad things were as far as how different I was being treated and how sad that made me, but my mother always taught me to never let no one tell you can’t do something . I was so determined to show that the color of my skin should not matter, I am at the top of my class a member of all three Honors Societies including Science,English and my accomplishments throughout the years have been amazing but the most important accomplishment was overcoming racial profiling and treatment and not letting that affect what God had planned for me.
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There’s a HUGE racial divide at this school. My daughter graduated class of 2018. She told me her history teacher was racist. He spoke negatively about Black people during class. The women in the office as AWFUL (98%). As a parent I was ignored when I came in the office to sign my daughter in after a doctors appointment. They would acknowledge and assist White students as they came in and out of the office. I was treated as if I didn’t exist. I can only imagine how my daughter felt attending this school EVERYDAY. It’s 2020, please do better. We don’t need separation, we need inclusivity.
Our district is pretty well off! Our education is pretty good. However, there have been some racial issues in the past. At the high school we have made progressive steps to eliminate almost all kinds of bullying.
I enjoyed the vast numbers of extracurricular activities available. I would like to see a pool added to the campus.
I liked the way they let us pick our own classes also the way that we have classes like most others schools don’t for example: dance
School community was very helpful and supportive. Clubs and extracurriculars are plentiful. However, there is not much diversity and a lack of awareness regarding diversity and different cultures.
I would overall say that my experience at Washington Township School District was very good. The best part about the district were the after school clubs and activities. There was a club for everyone and all interests. This allowed me to easily find a group of kids, who soon became my friends, who were interested in the same thing as me. Also, this gave students like me something to do after school instead of just going home and watching tv or playing video games for hours. The next best part about the school was the teachers. All of my educators were always there for me and willing to help in any way shape or form. It was obvious that every teacher wanted the best for their students and wanted to help them reach their maximum potential. There's always a smile and friendly face in this school district!
My experience was overall good. The teachers are very good and very helpful. They all push you to your limits.
While many of the teachers in the Washington Township School District are fantastic educators and leaders in the community, there are a few that stand out as terrible individuals who should be fired. Their presences are not only harmful for the students they teach, but to the community as a whole.
It is a great school district. The teachers really connect with the student and it easy to get ahold of them if you are a parent and have any questions. There are so many different clubs especially in high school that really help get the kids involved and there is really a club for any one. The sports are great too. The dance program is amazing.
Very welcoming since I have moved here. Always will feels like home to me. Has given me an excellent education that I am grateful for.
I loved school ever since I was little. I was blessed and grew up in a great school system. Highschool was my most memorable and exciting. There were so many different ways to get involved. They had dances and proms for all the grades to attend. They also rewarded you when you received good grades. Most of the teachers were always understanding of their students.
One thing I like about twp is it has a wide variety of sports and clubs you can join. Another thing I like about twp is the teachers are very understanding. If you join a sport or a club it gives you a chance to reach out to new people and it is a good way to stay active.
WTPS has great academics and a strong sense of community. There are many clubs and activities to join, so you'll always find a group to fit into. The level of education prepares you for higher education, but there are also resources to help those who may need it. Students get recognized for their achievements, whether they're academic, sports, or extra-curricular based. I personally would like to see more diversity and mental health resources, but otherwise, I am glad to have been a part of WTPS.
As a senior at WTHS, graduating will be very bittersweet since I love my high school so much. From the teachers, fellow students, clubs, all of our activities and overall township pride, our school knows how to make everyone feel included while providing us with important knowledge. I have made some of my best friends during these 4 years here and know I will always be friends with them.
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Having spent the past 4 years at the school I have learned to love the school. The sports atmosphere is great and even if the teams aren't so good everyone still comes to football games. The teachers can either make or break the school. In my years there I have had more great teachers then the select bad ones. I have started relationships with them that have helped me become a better person.
Washington Township high school is a great educational facility. It has an abundance of clubs and activities that accommodate many interests and aspirations of students. Washington township high school also has great academic programs. For example, it has many Advanced placement classes and many honors classes. This allows the students to succeed in every subject and get the opportunity to take college level classes. I would not change anything about this high school because it exceeds in every aspect of a great educational facility. The staff is great and many students feel safe in this school. Although it is a huge school, the staff does a great job in making it a nice environment for students to grow and flourish.
This is a large school with a lot of pride. The teachers are excellent and are involved in the community. There are many clubs and activities to be involved in. Overall, a great public high school.
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