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I very much liked my time at Barbara Ingram School for the Arts in the Washington county district. It gave me a sense of what college and the adult world would look like, while working towards my goals to be an artist. One thing I would change about the district would be the support of the arts, it's somewhat lacking. However it is slowly growing stronger with murals being added and some board members noticing the significance of the art programs. While taking classes in this district I defiantly had a sense of community and family that I haven't found anywhere else. Washington county is truly unique.
I genuinely love the opportunities I have been given at this school. Through marching band(band in general, really), and the IB Program, I have grown exponentially as a person. The teachers in IB and AP have been wonderful towards me, and have helped me learn so much; not only about their subject in school, but about life, as well. The teachers are very real with you about "the real world" and what we genuinely should expect. I have met great, possibly life-long friends at this school, and I'm so excited to see what places this education will take me.
I like that a majority of the teachers there are willing to help when needed, and often set aside their personal time to help their students. I would like for more schools in WCPS to assist juniors and seniors more with the college application and process.
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I would like to see the class structure change to prepare students more for college. I also don't think it would be a bad idea to implement a break time for students in high school so their brains have time to reset and refocus.
The Washington County public schools push their students to take AP classes even if they're not ready to take those courses just to make the school look better on paper. The teachers are very political and the students views are often swayed by those teachers. The school district is not diverse in any way at all. The students lack an insight to any other culture than a white washed society. The teachers often do not care about the students and refuse to admit that they're teaching style is subpar and rather choose to blame the students for their lack of knowledge on ignorance. During the 2018 school year multiple students attempted suicide during the school day. These schools do not prepare their students for the future at all in exception to Tech High. Focus too much on their athletics and create a harmful culture for all those who do not participate in those sports.
Washington county is a great place to be, filled with a lot of great people that are always willing to help. Washington county public schools are a great group of schools, with an amazing staff that works hard to help you succeed and reach your life goals.
I like how they make us all feel involved. In Washington County Public Schools there is something for everyone to get involved in either with your school or your community. School education is very good with what they teach us. Sometimes I wish that they would teach us real world things that we would eventually need in either college or as adults that would help us become better people in the world. The security in the schools I would say are good. Teachers and administration I feel take very seriously about the students safety which is very important because that makes us the students feel not just important but cared about in a school with more than 200 students.
Washington County public schools are very good at being organized with keeping most of the classes offered at most of the high schools equal.
Everything in Washington County is nice. We have a good amount of turnouts at any of our sporting events. Also they community is nice and welcoming.
I love the pride and diversity that come out of Washington County Public Schools. I would like to see parent involvement improve from merely none as it is right now. I'm also desperate to see administration motivate and prepare students for more institutions, emphasizing college readiness.
As a student in Washington County for majority of my educational career, I’ve learned to grow and became the person I am. The different programs offered in Washington County schools like college prep, clubs, etc has help form students like me. Being in the AVID program which is a college readiness program has helped me take notes better, study better, and overall become a better student.
I've been a student in WCPS for four years, and I've seen the highs and lows for the schools out here in Hagerstown. The schools are good at fitting their student bases with the tools they need to succeed, which means there are different styles and more diverse teaching methods across the schools, but the all the students will graduate with the same knowledge and skill sets. The only difference is the development of those skill sets among the students.
In this district it all depends on which school you go to. Just like most places you have some good and some not so great schools. For part of my middle school years I went to Western Heights Middle School. This school had amazing teachers but the kids weren't as great. One thing I liked about it though was the diversity.
I later moved to Smithsburg and enrolled into high school there. The people and the teachers are great but it isn't diverse at all. The school is predominantly white with only a few people from different cultures and races. In general I think this district is decent but it all depends on what you are looking for in a good school and which one you go to.
I love the advancement in technology which has been incorporated to advance the school systems. What could change and can be added, would be the ability to expand the departments outside educational purposes like the drama & arts, science/technology, health advancement, childcare /teaching, culinary/workshop, etc...
My experience with Washington County Public Schools has been very positive. My teachers throughout elementary, middle and high school were very knowledgeable of the content they were teaching and created a positive atmosphere for students. There is a vast variety of elective courses at my high school. I particularly like the articulation agreement that our county has with our community college.
Some teachers are great, let you talk to them. School lunch is gross. Most kids that go to that school are rude. Athletics are great, school pride is great.
The county has a careers and technical high school with accelerates learning in chosen skills areas.
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what I like about Washington county public schools is that they have a wide range of clubs and activities for there students. something else about the schools system is they could improve in who they hire as teachers, because i think the teachers could do so much more to help their students and give the education that they should deserve
What I liked about washington public county schools is that they would take anybody to teach it what ever learning experience you had the teachers would break step by step down with you .Was a great learning experience
I enjoyed the schools as a student athlete and a honor roll student. However, socially, I believe that my school could have paid a little bit more attention to different issues that were going on. For example, at my school there were a variety of incidents within a short amount of time that a student tried to commit suicide. Well rather than drawing attention to the problem the administrators pushed it aside and blew it off like nothing happened. To bring attention to the problem it took a freshman at my school to receive a grant that allowed her to host a "mental health awareness night". So while I see why administrators might be hesitant to bring it up, it's still an issue, it's not just gonna go away because we want it to.
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