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Overall, the schools in the district are great. There have always been issues at the middle school, so more authority is needed. At the high school level, some teachers are newer and do not know everything that they should, so some students feel as though they are not well prepared for college.
Washington Community School Districtl has great facilities ranging from the bathrooms and newly built auditorium. Their musical and arts departments are great place to study any type of music. The food is very good and the ladies in the kitchen are some of the sweetest people you will ever meet. One major problem I had is the biases by teachers. Specifically, some teachers have political biases that they claim they don't have. These same teachers are not open to diversity and new opinion of anyone that disagrees with them. However, on the other hand in the terms of college readiness Washington Community School District excels in preparing students for college.
Washington is an open minded, mildly diverse high school. The overall atmosphere of the school is very positive. I really enjoy the connection between faculty and students. There's not much I would change about the high school, but if I could change one thing it would be the student connections with each other.
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Wonderful school for kids. The staff works very hard for kids and truly care about them. Parents are welcomed and part of educational process.
I liked the sporting events as well as clean schools and teachers who really cared! I always felt safe at school and their was always someone willing to help you with your grades.
Washington High School is a great school that tries to give their students the best opportunities to get them involved and help them find activities that fit their interests.
Academics and College Readiness are pretty good. When the good teachers are found it's easy to stick with them. Smaller size makes it easier to get to know the teachers well and they are willing to help you succeed.
I've been harassed by this district and have had a fake dhs report made almost every year involving my now 15 yr old special needs daughter. They never go a full week without at least an early out, and one can graduate from here not knowing how to read or write English. Short days for special needs daughter, talk of summer school but never do it. And 2 of the false reports involved what I find to be creepy observations or opinions about my daughter's privates which is really unnerving and makes me want to hurt people that keep looking at her crotch.
Washington prepared me to succeed in college as well as in the real world. Both the school and community are so great I couldn't wait to move back to live and raise our kids in the community. Brand new high school, brand new 7.5 Million auditorium, brand new childcare center, 1:1 for everyone, Technology, technology, technology, almost every athletic facility is brand new or recently renovated and the teachers are the best!
Washington High school is a proud and interesting but very fun school. A lot of live people, many people getting into Ap classes and nothing but the best students doing well and having fun while at it.
Decent academics (Some very good teachers, some not so much. No AP classes offered but Kirkwood Regional Center works with school to offer college credit classes. Lots of elective type classes with only basic core classes.)
Good Extracurricular Activities (Lots of choices with possibility to start any new club/organization.)
It was an alright experience when it came to school. It was a typical one too. Especially the parts where if you were just a bit different, people decided to pick on that. Teachers were alright but were the ones where they just wanted to coach instead of teaching. I feel like none of them motivated students enough as well. Got our donations from a casino, which supplied us with new equipment, but ended up being taken granted of by students and ruined it for others. It was an average school with no mind for helping students extend their education, other than one office visit saying "I've got the Army reserve or community college."
I loved how the teachers were always there to help. There was times when i would come in at 7am and they were at there desk ready to answer questions. The teachers seem to create a good atmosphere overall and it makes students moral go up alot.
What can I say about WHS? The teachers are of the best in the nation, always looking to help the students succeed in every possible way. We take pride in all of our sports from Varsity Football, to Girls Golf, we play hard, fair, and well. The lunch room smells of good food and happiness, and everyone has a smile on their face.
WCSD is full of opportunities! We have 1:1 Computers that increase our learning through technology! There are tons of clubs and ways to get involved throughout the community! We are 3A dedicated academic and athletic school district.
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