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As someone who has attended a few different schools, some aspects of Warwick are great, however as such a large school, it is difficult to connect with faculty and students are often overlooked.
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Overall, a pretty decent public school. Almost all of my teachers have been really good and serious about the education of their students. Food's meh. Sports and school spirit are pretty good -- basketball and football games are always packed. The building itself is well kept and the sports facilities are pretty nice. Starting this year, every student received a laptop which is really convenient and makes multitasking and doing schoolwork really easy. Overall, a pretty nice school.
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At Warwick there was a sense of togetherness, as well as school spirit, and everyone celebrated each others differences most of the time. I enjoyed my time attending Warwick, being a part of the school district k-12. I felt very safe while going there too. Something that I think the school district is the school counseling and guidance department throughout all of the schools. Especially in the high school I would've liked more attention given to preparing for college.
Warwick has experienced a lot of difficulties in the past few years that affected the whole student and staff body. The way that the staff handled these tragedies proved how important community is and that the staff at Warwick genuinely care about their students.
We have a very very robust arts department. Our music program is state of the arts and our visual art departments/drama departments are incredible as well. Our sports teams have very good funding. The administration cares about student safety and wellness for the most part. We have on site psychologists, counselors, and resource officers. But it’s very very hard to be able to take a break from the workload even with injury or mental illness. They struggle to allow you a grace period when recovering from something. The diversity is a little lackluster, but you can still find people to connect with that have the same background as you. Our academics are good.
Warwick School district is a great place to send your children to school. I have been in Warwick since elementary school and have not had a bad experience. The staff is wonderful and cares so much more about their students more than what just happens in the classroom. There are so many great resources, and so many opportunities it is hard to pass up. Great classes, clubs, and sports all make Warwick a great community to be a part of.
I loved the staff and the feel of the school. We have faced some of the worst hardships, and they were all very accommodating through our times of grief. Also, the community surrounding Warwick is also very nice in coming together and showing support.
Warwick is a very good school. There are a lot of really fun teachers and excellent classes. The main problem that comes to mind is the schedule. For students who can't drive, you have to take the bus as early as 6:30, and then you wait in the cafeteria until school starts at 7:55. Because of the early start time, lack of sleep is a big problem at Warwick. The other problem with the schedule is that is it very rushed. This year they added "warrior flex" which is a required 25 min. study hall at the end of the day, resulting in a fast paced 8 periods per day schedule. We have 4 minutes to rush between each class ( it's a big school), and then it's back at it.
Undeniably, Warwick's biggest asset is their teachers. The staff truly care about their students and put in a great deal of time and effort. My chemistry teacher once returned an essay at 2 in the morning. If the rating was based completely on the staff, Warwick would receive 5 stars. However, I think the current administration should be doing more to help out their wonderful staff. The district is trying to cut down on the number of teachers, so when one teacher retires, they don't typically hire another. That means the teacher's classes are distributed along the others to fit into their already packed schedules. Although the number of students is expected to decrease in the next decade, this is a huge burden on the teachers. Additionally, I know that certain teachers, particularly honor society advisors, pay often out-of-pocket. I just wish the administration would focus more on their staff instead of new programs, like the one-on-one program, which most students don't even want.
Warwick is a terrific school district with a fantastic faculty. It is located in a very supportive and caring community.
I went to Warwick School District for 13 years. Some things were good over the years. Elementary school was great, middle school was okay, but then high school just went downhill.
My experience at Warwick Highschool was overall relatively enjoyable. As an athlete, I really appreciated our school’s atheletics department. I played varsity field hockey for all four years of highschool and it made a huge impact on me. My coaches and teammates are like family to me and the support we receive for our program is great.
I feel that Warwick has provided me with a solid foundation as I get ready ready to graduate and head to college. I was able to be part of many clubs and sports. the math teachers and computer science teacher in particular are outstanding. Thanks!
I enjoy many of the clubs and other opportunities offered here, however I would like to see more diversity. I would like to see more student participation and more platforms where students can talk and share their ideas. The music department here is incomparable. I am thankful to have been a part of the strong music community.
Warwick High School needs more diversity and to be more open to the lgbtq+ community. We are not a very diverse school and the few minority’s we have don’t fit in they need to do more to make them feel like they fit in. Other than that my experience with Warwick High School has been great.
The teachers in the Warwick School District have always been wonderful with my children. They are hard-working, friendly and go the extra mile to make sure the students are academically successful.
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Within the last few months incredible tragedy has affected Warwick High School. A serious accident that killed two students struck the student body, teachers, and administration with a sadness that our school had never been subjected to before. The community came together with resilience and while the enormous pain was hard to subdue, the staff and principles were unbelievably supportive and sensitive to everything we, as a high school were going through. On top of great assistance Warwick also has an astounding music and arts department as well sports programs. Students thrive academically and are well prepared for college when they graduate. I have made connections with teachers that I will cherish for the rest of my life and I thank Warwick High School for the twelve years spent in such a great environment.
No diversity whatsoever. I got bullied for being a Democrat during high school. If you are not white or evangelical, avoid this school district at all costs! The administration, especially at the high school, is inept. When I was a student at the high school, they continually let the football team bully a special needs kid and didn't do anything about it. The administration worships the football, lacrosse, and basketball teams and more money is put towards them than other programs within the school.
Warwick School District provides many opportunities for its students to grow and prosper. Programs such as CTC, teacher’s assistants, internships, and many other options are available for students. Warwick has a solid administration to lead the school, and while they may make mistakes, their intentions are pure-hearted. The school district is involved in the community and hosts and participates in many important activities and events. Although Warwick School District is a good place to learn, there are some grievances to address. There is not a lot of diversity in Warwick. Safety during emergency procedures, like intruder events, is questionable. The administration can also be lax with students who are consistently in trouble.
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