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Warren Hills teachers were the one thing that made it different from the others. They were very resourceful and helpful in preparing me for college.
At Warren Hills Regional High School, I was given a good education with plenty opportunities to pursue my interests. There are numerous classes that provide for a wide range of topics. The teachers were kind and knowledge, and always ready to help their students.
The school in the community did not have a lot of college bound students, but for those who did plan to attend colleges, we were able to get there and go to pretty reputable schools. I was a student with a lot of medical issues and at times there were challenges but the school and administration really did try their best to accommodate what I needed. There is an amazing science program at Warren Hills as well as a very good compsci program. This high school is really what you make of it. If you take all CP or easy classes, it will be very easy and simple but if you take Honors and AP course, the teachers are amazing and you really get the most out of the school and can really do a lot with your education. I took 5 AP courses and they really prepared me well for college.
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The overall success rate academically and sports wise of the students that currently attend or have graduated is high, and most teachers seem to care about their students. However I think the administrators and teachers need to work on creating more of a bond with students. A lot of the time us students feel as though we bare/y know the teachers. It makes it even harder to even want to go to school and sit through a fifty-five minute class period with people we don't really know lecturing us. I also think that the overall school spirit could be worked on. Now I'm aware that the students have a lot to do with that more, but a lot of teachers seem as though they are there just to pick up their paychecks ... but then complain about how much they're getting paid. When they complain it makes it seem as though they don't have pride in our school and they don't want to be there. When they give off those implications it makes it harder for students to be prideful of Warren Hills.
Warren Hills is a very spirited school where everyone has each others backs. During my time attending this school, I was provided with all the necessary tools to succeed. The teachers take time to work with students to help them whenever it is needed and care for them and their futures.
The school has a lot of good classes and it hold a lot of pride in being a good school. There is very minimal diversity which I would like to see change at some point. Students like me have a very hard to mixing with other races due to how closed off certain communities are in the school. The extracurricular activities are very different and there is a lot to offer.
My experience here was overall very very good. I was able to take 4 computer science classes in my time there and had several opportunities for AP classes and dual enrollment which set me very far ahead in my first and second year of college. The classes prepared me extensively to which I was more than prepared for those classes in college. I was also very prepared for my major from the computer science and engineering classes Warren Hills offers. Going into my college classes, several people had never porgramed or used engineering softwares before but Warren Hills allowed to have that experience so that I was able to also help others.
I love this school's staff, especially after I graduated and they changed administraters. They are caring, devoted, and spend a lot of their free time to make the school more well-rounded.
They have some good dual enrollment classes for business. Some teachers are available for extra help. The diversity in students need to increase. The principal Mr. Kavcak is a great and helpful principal that helps every student to succeed and gives great guidance.
They have a wealth of classes for the upper level that help them see what college courses may be like.
The school district was not very supportive. During difficult times, not much was done to make me feel safe and welcomed at the school.
I had a great experience at warren hills. I met great people and they helped me learn and succeed and prepared me for college and real life.
Warren hills high school from my experience is a clean school with really good clubs and activities but it does not have enough helpful courses for students with different careers and it has little diversity with no good pep rally experience
I sincerely enjoy much about my school. The property is vast, and allows for an environment in which students can have freedom with their time, all with supervision and security. I particularly am happy with what the school does to control situations regarding safety in the hallways, as hall passes and slips to leave the lunch area are necessary. Warren Hills also provide a space in which students can really learn more about a specific field, with machinery for woodworking, animals for students to handle, and hands-on lab activities. Biology courses go particularly in-depth, and can be a lot to handle. Students learn what they need to do to study, and the workflow better prepares from for grades above their own.
Warren Hills is a medium sized high school in the middle of a rural community. Students need to be involved to make the most of the 4 years here.
The size of the classes were just right and I liked that most teachers were available during lunch for help.
I liked that it was over in 4 years. I would like for them to give students more freedoms, and treat us more like adults. They claim we are now "young adults" but we still have to ask to go to the bathroom, and the overall belief held by administrators is "guilty until proven innocent".
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Warren Hills Regional School District is a very welcoming community with various clubs and activities that students can participate in. The teachers are always eager to help in any way that they can and strive to improve and assist student's lives.
Warren Hills is a high school with a well-rounded educational program that combines perseverance, positivity, and determination to create a dignified educational experience for every student. There are plenty of extra-curricular activities and sports that are offered, as well as many clubs that tailor to a particular student's interest.
It is a well-organized school district that is very involved in a students academic career. Also, student's are given the opportunity to be involved within the school.
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