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Warren County Schools Reviews

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Warren county is usually looked down upon because of how small our community is and where we are located but people are wrong warren county is a strong independent community that strive to make sure there children don’t stop Dreaming and that we achieve whatever we put our minds to I am a high school graduate of warren county class of 2018 i was apost to gradute in 2016 in another state until I moved to warren county My first day at the regular high school I knew I was going To walk Across that stage The staff Never gave up on me always supported me and made sure I kept focus even through our communitys worse times it’s the best high school ever
Warren County Schools is a great environment that allow students to prepare for the future. located in this county is five elementary schools, two middle schools, and three high schools. These schools uses new methods of teaching to advance students. Warren County Schools also use technological teaching styles to prepare students for the future.
My experience at this high school was great but what could have been worked on was the timing in-between classes. It felt like there really wasn't enough time to use the restroom, go to your locker, and making it to your next class before the tardy bell rung.
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Warren County Schools has an hometown euphoria that is inviting and very welcoming. Those who come and take active roles in their school-comunity activities are rewarded with umcermountable joy and pride.
The school system is underfunded, so much so that the school system can not afford to pay their teachers. The teachers that stay have a passion for the school or the students, but not many actually stay for an extended period of time.
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