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Walnut Valley Unified School District Reviews

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Good schools overall, teachers engage with students asking how they are. Most teachers and staff are friendly.
My parents put me in the District of Choice, which was Walnut Valley Unified School District. They believed it was beneficial in the long run for our education. Many districts in our area don’t meet the same learning levels like WVUSD. The staff and environment has always been wonderful. As time went on the transition from elementary to junior high or junior high to high school was smooth and natural. WVUSD, no matter what school, is always going to be seen as where my future all started.
Walnut is a very challenging school and it helps student handle a tough amount of schoolwork so that they can be more prepared towards college. However, the school gives too much work which can put a lot of stress on the student.
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I went to high school for four years in Walnut Valley Unified School District and it is a good experience.
I had a great time when I was studying there. I would just like to see more modern teaching styles as not very much has changed over the past years. Something that'll help the students think more critically and be more prepared for the future.
I go to walnut high school and I am currently a junior. I was say my overall experience at Walnut High School isn’t too bad but I do wish that Walmut High School offered a korean class as a foreign language. I’ve always wanted to learn Korean because it’s always been really interesting to me, which is why I wanted to transfer from Walnut High school to Diamond Bar High School.
Walnut Valley Unified School districts have excellent academic programs that are available for all kids. They tailor teaching styles to the needs of the kids.
I go to Diamond Bar High School, and honestly my district is so competitive. So much so that the teachers have too high of expectations from us: especially because I take honors and AP courses. Of course, taking hard classes comes with hard work but sometimes these teachers go a little too far with the workload as many of my peers pull all nighters after all nighters. Everyone is very involved and sleep deprived, which contributes to a pretty downgrading atmosphere in class. Not to add, it’s so competitive that a vast majority have found pretty extreme ways to cheat such as buying tests from tutoring centers.
The WVUSD is a great district to be a part of. I've been involved in this district for the past 8 years of my school life and they never cease to push me to do better. The WVUSD is an academically competitive district and encourages their students to put in 100% of their effort. It is very safe and unlike other school districts, WVUSD prepares their students for college in an amazing manner. Students from WVUSD are prepared by amazing staff, teachers and administration to enter college/university.
I have been attending Walnut Valley Unified School District ever since I first started attending school. Majority of the staff has been extremely kind and helpful, there have been a few minor incidents where I was unable to get proper help. Overall, I have made amazing connections with the staff from K-12.
It is hyper-competitive and somewhat toxic. Super smart peers and great teachers but it is cutthroat to the point where kids cheat and sabotage others for personal gain.
There are a lot of good academic opportunities since there are so many AP classes to choose from. However, during my four years I had quit a few teachers who were not very good. I also did not enjoy the atmosphere, it was very competitive and made me feel like my grades were not good enough.
The school is very good and very academic driven. The theater/ drama department is amazing and the IEP program does a very good job with helping students staying on the right path. Sometimes the classes can give you a lot of homework but mostly it prepares you in a sense for college. Since you will have to learn that balance between school and your personal life. I have made friends and memories there that I will never forget. sadly there is no perfect district. But if your ok with doing whatever it takes to get a jump on your academics then I would highly suggest this school district. I have seen very little, if not any crime or drug-related issues (I have seen a few but the school handled it very well and it is very few and far between)
I really liked a lot of the STEM teachers at Walnut High School. I would say that most of them inspired me to mature because I thought they were such good role models for me and the others. The Humanities teachers were pretty inspiring as well, but I think there needs to be more interactive teachers in that department. I made some really good friends, however I think there should be a little better supervision around campus because my friends and I see students doing inappropriate actions around campus.
Walnut Valley Unified School District has definitely prepared me for my time in college. The teachers would really help and prepare students for the rigors of college by assigning work to us that would are roughly around college level. I can’t thank the staff enough for what they have done to prepare us for our futures. Aside from academics and college readiness, there was a wide variety of clubs that students were able to involve themselves in. The atmosphere was very positive and the student population was very diverse. There are plenty of sports for students to join. Overall, my experience with this school district was fantastic, however, the only reason I did not give it five stars was the food quality and selection had a lot of room for improvement. Furthermore, Walnut Valley Unified School District was an amazing stepping stone to my future, and can definitely be a stepping stone for future students as well.
I liked how friendly the guidance counselors are and how helpful they can be. During high school, my guidance counselor helped me with so many issues I had whether it may be my academics or extracurricular activities the guidance counselor is willing to support and help the growth of the student. Several things I do not like at Walnut High School is the intensive schedules and the constant anxiety of competiting with other people. WHS has a very intensive 4-6 classes a day. While it is good to have class everyday the homework load is not ideal. During junior and senior year, teachers should be giving less homework as students have to study for the SATs or ACT and they have to prepare for college. If teachers are giving too much homework than the students are not going to do well in the class and will ultimately result in failing the class.
This school district is great in the way they provide resources to students, and how they truly care about college and career readiness.
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WVUSD provides a wonderful learning environment that successfully prepares you for college. Throug this school district, I have been pushed to reach my potential. The high schools offer various programs that suit every high schoolers needs and interests. From computer science to ceramics, students are given the opportunity to expand their knowledge on various fields and find their interests.
The school district is very competitive and the staff is very nice. It has an abundance of good schools that rank at the very top of public education in America. The teachers and other academic staff helps their students prepare for college. The food they served at lunch was reasonably priced for how much it costed. There are people there to help students deal with problems, physical or mental. They had resources that would help in learning like computers, light microscope and other materials. Overall a great school.
Ever since elementary school, I have been a part of the Walnut Valley Unified School District, a choice I would never regret. This distict gives students the opportunity to transfer from ther assigned district to theirs through the DOC system, and I am one who is taking this opportunity. What I admire and appreciate about this district is that it focuses highly on academics and creates well-rounded students. Because of the diversity in this city, I am able to see different cultures and many friendships. Luckily, the students and parents willingly motivate each other to strive for improvements and maximize a student’s learning experience. Moreover, all of the teachers I have had really connect with students and allow us to learn. In high school, I am able to participate in special academic programs and clubs that other schools may not offer such as the AP and IB programs. I appreciate the environment of this district and hope that it continues to grow.
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