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Wallingford-Swarthmore School District Reviews

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My son is going into 4th grade at NPE, and I couldn’t be happier with the school, the teachers and the administration. He gets all the support he needs. Not only do they teach students the academics, but they teach them values, kindness, friendship, a sense of community, compassion and how to be a decent human being- things that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. I wouldn’t change this school for anything, looking forward to seeing what middle school and high school have brings.
I really liked how inclusive it was. There was a lot of focus on being a close and welcoming community. The district also provided many opportunities for the students to help the community and be involved in service. If I could change anything about the district, it would be the fact that there needs to be more addressing about mental health awareness. Also, I would make it so that everyone is given an equal opportunity to express their talents and skills. At many times, I felt like there were students who were not placed in the right math level, and they could do so much better if they were in a higher place. In other words, I think the district would be a lot better if it properly placed students into academic levels that best suited them rather than keeping all the students in one level. Also, the district staff could be a little more diverse. I feel like diversity among the staff allows students to gain more perspective and knowledge about the world.
Advanced college level Science Courses made it a breeze through college later.
Superb language Department I got straight A's in Latin for four years and was on the Dean's List Many times. I was member of the Swarthmore High School Band, 1st Trumpet.
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At WSSD, I was able to explore many opportunities through academics, the arts and much more. The school district really values the arts programs. The teachers are very understanding when it comes to timing and different assignments.
Great School.......Awesome teachers and a variety of interesting classes. Not a whole lot of diversity but they school tries. I reall enjoy the sports teams and the band is fantastic.
This school district is incredible. I am so grateful for Strath Haven and my experiences as a student there. I am currently a freshman in college and feel very confident and capable because of the way Strath Haven prepared me. In fact, I feel that I have a leg up compared to my peers, as I know how to balance school, extra curricular activities, and a social life because of the rigorous schedule I had as a Haven student. Strath Haven allowed me to experiment, learn, and grow in a safe environment where I was not only supported and accepted, but also appreciated. Strath Haven is unique in that you aren't put into a box. You can be the sports captain, the musician, the mathlete, and the club leader all at once. School is taken very seriously yet students are also extremely involves in activities and the school culture. Every school I attended in WSSD was extraordinary. I am forever thankful to have grown up in such a wonderful district.
WSSD was a great place to go to school. It supported my dreams, and encouraged me to pursue and achieve greatness.
I feel like the Wallingford-Swarthmore School District is one of the best districts in Delaware County. You will get a sense of community and awareness. We moved here 7years ago and I felt like my family was welcomed with open arms. Form my neighbors to the teachers in the district. I also feel if I was struggling in a subject there was more than enough resources to help me out
This is a great school to live around. All of my interests have been satisfied, discovered, and encourage. I am incredibly lucky to have been exposed to this school district.
This school district is a super competitive, elite school district. Swarthmore is very liberal and accepting, however very expensive. Most kids get into a college of their choice, and are ready for the competitive nature of the secondary schools.
As a parent and educator, I chose to live in the Wallingford-Swarthmore School District because of its reputation. My son started kindergarten this year, and I can honestly say that I have not disappointed. He has already been provided with an abundance of phenomenal educational opportunities. He has grown academically, socially, and emotionally. I am excited to see what the future in WSSD holds for him!
This school districts main concern is the welfare of the students. The teachers are always available for our parents and they work very hard along with the students.
The student body at Wallingford-Swarthmore School District has a fair amount of economic diversity and ethnic diversity. Despite the financial differences between students, the faculty strives to give each student the same academic opportunities. Teachers prize both wit and work ethic, but work ethic has a greater impact on academic success. Students can move up from CP to AP classes if they excel and typically high-achieving students can be moved down if they are negligent of their assignments.

Most of the teachers care about teaching. Even including some lecture-based AP courses, the majority of classes have discussions, group work, and a large amount of classroom interaction. Teachers value communication and creativity; they often try to foster a student's ability to make connections and conclusions rather than their ability to memorize.
Best public school in the Philadelphia are. Has the biggest band in the state of Pa, almost every kid is involved either in sports, band or clubs.
It is generally a pretty open minded school district with lots of activities and excellent academic ambiance, but from my experience, many students are very stressed out about coursework, so I feel that the school should step in more to regulate this, not just give presentations about why sleep is important
So far so good! There are a lot of activities. Every student will be able to take part in a school activity.
This was a very safe and academically focused school district. I enjoyed my time on the lacrosse team and all of my teacher wanted what is best for their students. There was no time that I felt uncomfortable going to school.
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Would like to see more cleanliness within the schools. The high school could use a bit of an update and 110% needs more parking space for students.
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