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I liked that there were many groups of people. If you are into a certain subject, there is definelty a crowd for you to join. No need to fake being who you are!
Teachers and students are nice, however, schools are physically outdated and sometimes have mice. Overall, my time in the Wallingford School district was positive.
I like the size of the school and the community involvement. the teachers and administrative staff gets involved with student activities. The High School offers challenging AP and ECE classes.
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Wallingford’s public schools are in a very good district that can definitely lead most students to where they want to be post high school but lacking in some areas. Everyone working at WPS cares deeply for their students but some issues such as outdated books, separation of students in the town (which has lead to some unnecessary competition such as people thinking they are better because of their attendance at one school, etc.) and others can be used to improve WPS. Despite its flaws, I feel that WPS has allowed me to grow very well academically and has guided me to my dream school because of the opportunities provided to me that taught me to work hard and because of its workers that encouraged and assisted me in getting there.
Wallingford School Districts is a great experience. There are many resources and clubs you could be involved in and interact with so many differnt types of people.
My experience with the Wallingford Public School system was rather mediocre. We don't have amazing sports teams, wide range of diversity, college or life readiness. In 2009, the whole district took a massive budget cut and restructured the entire system. The 5 elementary schools that we have were all divided. Also, due to the budge cuts the rest of the activities in the schools suffered as well. Being involved in the music and arts program, I was always disappointed by the lack of financial support from the board of education. In 2011, the 2 high schools of the district got together to take part in a contest to win money for new band uniforms. These uniforms were probably 20 years old, yet there was no money for it. But with the support of band families and fans of the band, we were able to win and get new uniforms. Overall, the superintendent is kind of idiot and Wallingford is an expensive town anyway
Mastery Based Learning at its best. Students have a good handle on their own learning and are quite vested this way. Great teachers. Great school spirit!
I believe that the Wallingford School System is innovative by always trying new things for its students but it has made my 12 years of schooling extra difficult. The class of 2018 have been test subjects for the Wallingford School System since 2010. We went through reconfiguration in our last year of elementary school, tried new forms of testing, experienced Common Core and Mastery-Based Learning, and many more small challenges that made myself and my classmate's school lives much harder. Although we faced many difficulties, there are excellent staff and fun classes that make showing up to school worth it.
I transferred from a different school district and you could tell how much care and effort the teachers put in to educate their students.
I would love to see it better in general. My experience was awful. It ended up with something horrible happening to me.
In the Wallingford School District, the teachers are very passionate about the subjects that they teach. The teachers care about each individual student and wants to see them succeed. The teachers prepare you well for college. The atmosphere is very friendly and welcoming. Most of the students are talented athletes who enjoy playing sports. The whole student body shapes and supports one another. The relationship that the students and the teachers form makes the learning environment positive and comfortable.
When you roll-out a new program, wait a year and see if it's working before unloading another one. There are so many positive stories out there to focus on. Show real support to the teachers and students. It seems like the higher ups get raises and keep hiring, and then there's talk about removing more sports or teams, or making kids pay more. They should spend money to fix fields and school buildings. My school's turf is dangerous and causing concussions. But all they want to talk about is how much money they get from companies.
The faculty are supportive and the Ag department gives a variety that most schools lack bringing in kids from all over the county
The district is very considerate and caring. When there are concerns, they are taken seriously and addressed in a timely manner. I feel like I am heard and I highly recommend bringing your children here.
I grew up in Wallingford my entire life, therefore, I was around the same kids from pre-k up until grade 12. I loved the close bonds that I shared with everyone. I love the rivalry of the sports and how we started powder puff.
Wallingford is overall a great town to be apart of. The facility and staff are the most helpful and caring people I have ever encountered. If you need help with something, they're there fro you. They will do anything to make sure you succeed.
I am about to graduate high school and my journey throughout this district has been amazing! My elementary school was very diverse and well organized. My middle school was smaller in size therefore the staff could focus more on each student individually. Lastly, my high school is diverse, academically rich, and a very safe place. Our athletic program is decent rights now but it will improve in the future.
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The Wallingford School District is rated pretty well with my experiences from K-12. It allowed many opportunities for students to explore what they were interested in. I loved the extracurricular activities that were made possible to be involved in, specifically community service. The most fond memories of my school experience come from these types of services. I volunteered my time in Birmingham, Alabama as well as Nashville, Tennessee to help victims of various natural disasters. This experience not only effected my social life and the way I think, but it had a huge impact on my studies and more involved academically. Overall, I think Wallingford is a great place to start your education.
The Wallingford School District offers so much to students -- all starting at such a young age. The district is supportive and very involved within each and every student's life. The academic courses are rigorous and rewarding, and teachers provide such a great educational environment. On top of tall of that, the district stresses the importance of parental involvement and the need for support at all grade levels. I feel the district goes above and beyond to make sure every student receives a quality and self-rewarding education.
Wallingford is a great community and the school district is equally wonderful! I have attended the Wallingford Public schools for a total of ten years, since the second grade. Wallingford Public Schools provides great opportunities for students from sports to clubs to absolutely amazing teachers!
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