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I love how small the schools are and how involved the teachers are with their students. Every teacher and staff member are there to help at any moment in time. Any time you need help with the subject the teachers do everything they can to help their students, you really feel like you're being put first. There are also many clubs and extracurricular activities to be involved in that are great in helping students get involved in their community. There are tons of new safety precautions to help students feel like they're in a safe place. There are also many resources for high school students to feel prepared to go to college.
I, Cameron Childress, have had a great time at Wall High School. The academics and teachers are really amazing and are really good at what they do.
Wall has been a blessing. I moved here in fourth grade not knowing it would be the absolute best spot for me. It’s a small school which allows for so much involvement, participation, and community service opportunities. The teachers at Wall are mostly born and raised Wall kids. They know exactly how kids need to act and are not afraid to enforce rules. Even though the teachers are strict , they create the most fun learning environment. They show up everyday with enthusiasm and passion for their subjects. This work ethic from the teachers teaches kids to strive to do and be the best in anything they do. Along with the academics, Wall expects no less in athletics. Athletic coaches not only create successful teams but also good, hardworking students that are equipped for life after high school. It’s a culture at Wall to be the best.
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Wall is a great high school with tremendous community involvement. The school has an excellent athlete program and always places with high scores in UIL Events. Wall ISD was the recipient of the Lone Star Cup award in 2017.
Wall ISD is an amazing place to have a family, with a community that supports the students in every way possible. Wall has tough academic and athletic activities to push the students to be the best they can in every way. It's a great place to raise a family and I was very fortunate to be able to attend Wall ISD for 9 years.
I thoroughly enjoy Wall High School. The teachers are very good at what they do and push us to exceed in all that we do. At Wall, we have a tradition to strive for excellence. I am proud to be a Hawk.
Until we moved to Wall I had been in 3 different schools. I love Wall because of the teachers, coaches, and friends. I moved away from family and friends in Oklahoma when we moved to Wall. At Wall, I made new friends and most of the teachers made me feel welcomed. The coaches took me in and gave me a future in sports. The coaches, teachers, and new friends gave me the confidence to succeed in all of my future endeavors.
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