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Does its job well at education and whatnot. With the teachers that I learned from, they're not bad at all! Sure, some are forgettable, but barely any of them make me feel upset!
I have experienced nothing but, a good and safe environment from Visalia Unified School District. Teachers hired from them have been nothing but support to me throughout my 12 years being in their provided schools.I have always had humble and peaceful teachers throughout. Even though I have had issues when attending schools the district always seems to help and fix the issues that occur.
I like the humble community feeling and how it felt like a family at school with individuals that care about us. I might want there to be school soul. Fun exercises for all understudies including music at sporting event. Understudies infrequently got a decision or state in what they might want to do during the year to bring school soul other than ASB which was not assorted by any stretch of the imagination. Being an understudy who is separated of Visalia Unified School District one can without much of a stretch see the positive properties of the framework set up. VUSD gives a protected domain to all understudies and permit everybody to communicate through scholastics and through extracurricular exercises. As a biracial student, there is not much diversity in the schools. However I was able to look past that because the whole feel for the school felt pretty welcoming overall. I just wish that the district would listen to parent concerns and address them better than I have seen them do.
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Had determined teachers and I was surrounded by people cared about me. Staffs are friendly and academically engaging most of the time
Treat their new teachers TERRIBLE! Cast new teachers out way too often and too easily, when there are teacher shortages. Very fake and two faced - will pretend like they are happy with you and then out of nowhere throw you out when you are receiving good evaluations, have good student data growth, and good rapport with colleagues and parents. Very shady, very unorganized at the district level - constantly cycling people around in management level positions higher up in the district, no consistency. Students have all the power, if students make unfounded accusations the district will escalate the situation and kick the teacher out by the end of the year, with no care for the teacher’s integrity, history of safe teaching, and no care for the teacher having dependents, mortgage, etc. Terrible district to work for!!!
What I liked about VUSD is that they are student focused and help prepare you for life after hoghschool
Visalia Unified School District for me does and amazing job, always trying to help their students and staff, keep us motivated, give us options when thinks don’t result as planned, and the chance to have a wonderful experience at each step of our academic life.
I like the small town feeling and how it felt like a family at school with people that care about us.
I would like there to be school spirit. Fun activities for all students including music at sports game. Students rarely got a choice or say in what they would like to do during the year to bring school spirit other than ASB which was not diverse at all.
The district that I am in is quite good, they do everything they can to make the school go well. Whenever there is a problem they take action immediately.
Being a student who is apart of Visalia Unified School District one can easily see the positive attributes of the system in place. VUSD provides a safe environment for all students and allow everyone to express themselves through academics and through extracurricular activities. Overall the atmosphere is very positive and the resources provided to students are very extensive, from this students are able to follow their interests to the fullest extent.
I wish there was more logical choices from the school board, especially with COVID-19. I feel like power is very unbalanced. However, the teachers and staff are OUTSTANDING. At my school, personally, I ALWAYS feel welcomed.
I would like the school lunches improved, I would like Sociology added to the curriculum, Latin should also be added.
Visalia Unified School District is good but definitely not the best. I feel as schools are completing with each other to see who is the best- very evident based on the amount of parents fighting over what school their children get into even though it may mean an extra 30 minutes to take their children to work. I believe they should all work together to be the best district. How is it that some schools offer so much things to their students but do not have the same opportunities for other students at different schools.
I like that they do like to get everyone involved however I see that at times issues can be overlooked. Some teachers are very poor in their teaching skills while others are great and show real interest in their students.
I believe that Visalia Unified School District has done a great job at providing resources for students especially when it comes to scholarships and STEM programs that are extremely vital to a student's success.
Visalia Unified is a good district. The teachers are mostly great at educating their students. I never had a problem with feeling unsafe or anything. I like this school district.
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Having to volunteer at Park Visalia this past weekend was great. With a group of about 10 individuals, we decided to volunteer throughout the hours of 1pm - 3pm. The elders were brought down in a room to where we were. My resident named Jay had introduced himself to my group and the others while explaining his prior life experience with such joy. As a group we had been assigned to do activities and associate ourselves with them. Not only did we play games, but also guided them to their desired location with also cleaning and maintaining the kitchen.
Visalia Unified has been a great district through all my years being involved. They are very much giving, and caring in their student's futures.
I have had a great experience at all schools I have been to. I started off at Hurley elementry and, then went to Green acres Middles school, and am currently a senior at Visalia technical early collage along with being dual enrolled at Collage of the sequoias in a Spanish medical and legal terms class.
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