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Vicksburg Community Schools Reviews

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It is a very nice school! Staff is super friendly and have a 0 tolerance policy for bullying that is very nice! Teachers are amazing and everyone is very easy to talk to!
The principal is super fun and very easy to get along with. The teachers there are somewhat willing to work with you and help you if you need extra help
I loved my experience with VCS. Everyone through my schooling was kind, and always did their best to help me succeed. The teachers gave their all in order to make sure we got the most from our education.
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Vicksburg Schools are very good. They are well known for their band, the Big Red Machine. We have had a few concerns regarding the following of discipline procedures, but have never directly had any issues.
Vicksburg offers a lot of excellent extracurricular activities and Advanced Placement courses in high school which is very good. However, prior to high school, the system does very little to push forward advanced students. Additionally, the school is extremely lacking in diversity of people and ideas and the quality of the teachers is an extremely mixed bag with some absolutely amazing teachers and some who aren't even trying.
Recent graduate that enjoyed every aspect of the school system and also greatly benefited from the educators and systems in place.
Vicksburg Community Schools has opportunities for everyone. Academics are coaches' priorities and sports are a bonus. We have many sports options for everyone starting at grade school level and holding all the way through their high school career.
I like how the teachers are insteady communication with parents. The only thing i think they need to work on is a no tolerance for bullying. I feel like the could do more.
The Middle School is great and the High school even better! I went in, expecting nothing, and got everything I could need. There are a lot of AP classes, amazing teachers, and very challenging curriculum. The population is inviting and the band amazing.
Great programs and good staff. They prepared me for the SAT really well, and I learned a lot in the classes they let me take. There teachers are okay, some don't do much but we do also have some great teachers who do work. Some of them take the time to make sure we success,
Overall, I did enjoy my high school career at Vicksburg. I love the little hometown feel and most people knew each other because it was such a small community. I had a lot of opportunity to further my education through classes outside the school and even acquired my cosmetology license through these classes.
I graduated from Vicksburg Community Schools in 2013. I thought the teachers made learning fun and hands on for students. I participated in basketball and tennis. The couching staff hired by Vicksburg helped teach fundamentals and their love for the game inspired students. There was a lack of diversity within the school, Vicksburg was a predominantly white school. They offered some advance courses for students who were looking to receive a higher education, but most students chose to dually enroll at the local community college. The administrators were present and would spend the time getting to know students. They provided fun activities outside of the school hours for students and made events like homecoming fun for everyone. Vicksburg Community Schools helped further my education and was a stepping stone to receiving my Masters in May of 2019.
Vicksburg is a fantastic place to learn and grow. The staff there are all ready and willing to help you take the next step toward your future. The opportunities that were presented academically, creatively, socially, and athletically were superior to any other district I have been in. My experience at Vicksburg was an amazing one that provided me with substantial tools and knowledge that helped me to be successful in college. Because of the help and resources that Vicksburg Schools offer, their students are very well equipped with what they need for their future.
While Vicksburg Community Schools is academically alright, it is somewhat lacking in some areas. This includes some technological aspects, as well as the school culture and how some students are handled.
The teachers not only want you to get good grades and fully grasp the material, but most importantly care about their students and how they’re doing.
Vicksburg has strong academics and is a great place to go to school! I highly recommend it to any student in the area.
I like the small town vibes, the school overall is good just had a lot of repairs done over the summer. Food sucks but all schools food does now because of the Obamas.
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Vicksburg Community Schools is a district that falls within a small rural village. It is a great tight knit town. The community support and parent involvement is superior. It is not a very diverse school, but as a bi-racial girl I was welcomed and felt at home.
I enjoy that Vicksburg is such a close knit community. Everybody knows everyone, which makes it easy to fall into new activities and athletics. You grow up with the same people all 13 years of school, which makes us all one big family.
I liked the dedication of some teachers and counselors. I would like to see more done to help students choose a college/major-exposure to different careers, more time taken to help find scholarships, etc.
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