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Velma-Alma Public Schools Reviews

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What I like about Velma- Alma is the teaching staff. For most of my high school career, the teachers are always reminding us how college is not going to be easy. They say these things to encourage us to do better and prepare us for the reality of college. One thing I would like to see change would be adding more classes. We lack Art, Foreign Language classes, and many other specifics that most other schools have.
I have always gone to Velma-Alma Public Schools. Velma has always been my home, and I would love nothing more than to have others come to school here. It is an amazing school, and community. Our staff is definitely the best. Everyone always wants to get everyone involved in everything the school has to offer, whether it be sports, clubs, or organizations. Our facility is definitely one of the best. It is a small school, but an amazing school. Our teachers are very helpful, and they always make sure you understand what you are learning. All of the students are very friendly, you can walk up and down the hall and know every single face and know if that person is having a good or bad day. If someone is having a bad day, we try our very best to try to help them start having a better day.
Velma-Alma High School is a small school with great teachers! The school has an outstanding athletics program and amazing coaches. There is not anything I would change about Velma’s school district.
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Velma Alma Public Schools is an awesome place for your children to receive a top notch education. The teachers are well rounded and excel at all levels. They are caring and considerate to each childs needs. Student involvement is great in all areas. VA schools take pride in educating students for the future.
I like the teachers, and the school work. But I think there need to be a little bit of a change some where
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