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Vandalia Community Unit School District No. 203 Reviews

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Being in the school district my entire life, I haven't seen much change. Overall, the school has been very basic. The staff is mostly fantastic and work hard to help their students make their own opportunities.
Vandalia Community High School overall is a quality school. The school would benefit if more interesting classes were added and more clubs as well. Most students seem to get along, but I do believe the relationships between students could be more positive. All the teachers at this school do a good job teaching the material. The school lunches are quality, the assignments are not too much to handle, and it is overall a good school.
Vandalia Community Unit School District offers many dual credit classes. This makes the transition to college less scary. Their teachers care about whether or not a student fails or passes. the consolers are always around to help when you need it. Overall it is a friendly community with amazing staff.
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It’s a good school other than some teachers need to go, there are some that you can tell that care and then there are others that only care about some students. Good principal and vice principal all the office staff is helpful and the counselor there are plenty of teachers available if someone is struggling in a class to help also you can go before you after school so that’s good to have in a school so the kids know if they need extra help they can get it
I think it is a good school to go to if you like the small-town feel. Bullying, on the other hand, is a problem that does not really get addressed. The administration is not the best. Since it is a small school the staff likes to pick favorite students to award scholarships to. A lot of people drop out due to this reason, among many other reasons also.
The school is in poor condition due to low budget, but it functions as a school should. We have internet, technology, and working bathrooms. There are also a variety of dual-credit classes as well.
My experience with this school so far has been alright. There are positives and negatives to the school just as there are to every school. Some positives include the people I'm surrounded with and the range of activities available to the students. On the negative side, I don't believe we have very good coaches for our sports, we aren't exposed to many good opportunities, and it extremely difficult for us to get noticed by high quality colleges or universities. Overall, I'd say our school is average or maybe even a little bit on the poor side.
I like that the teachers are nice and that they care. I would want to change the way the students act somehow. Also how many mean people there are.
I like all the people I've met and the education I have been given, but I just wish we had more opportunities at our school.
The school district is a nice and friendly place. Most of the staff are more like friends to the students, which is nice but interferes with students' education because classes get disrupted by off topic conversations.
I do like that the high school has college classes. I also like that it holds a drivers ed course. I don’t like that PE is required all four years.
I had very good experiences with teachers and staff. The teachers did a great job preparing me for college with ACT prep and showing me how to properly write papers in different formats. There was a great environment with lots of school pride. The clubs and activities were lots of fun, and there was something for just about everyone. Administration was great, and handled all problems that would arise for the safety of the students. Sports teams were a blast and there were wonderful coaches for most of the teams that genuinely wanted the team to go far and learn a lot. Although parental involvement was very low, the students made up for it with lots of school pride.
There was a very welcoming atmosphere at the school. Being an athlete gave me experiences that I still carry with me today. The teachers really care about their students and that can be seen.
It's just a high school. It's not great but the teachers make it better. The building is very old and is always in some state of disrepair, but at least we finally got air conditioning. There's no diversity because Vandalia is such a small town, but the community tries its best to include everyone. Because we're so small, there's not a lot of room for exciting clubs or activities. Yet we're all sorta family, even if we don't all get along all the time. Even if someone moves to Vandalia they can find a place to belong. The food sucks, though.
I liked that I knew a lot of people and teachers personally. I would like to see the bullying and food change.
The teachers are nice and the school is very encouraging. College is also strongly recommended by the faculty.
Vandalia high school has a good band and choir program, but specifically does not have a good math program. I would like to see a change in some of the teachers at the high school change because many teachers refuse to help students or are really just not good at teaching or explaining, and THEN refusing to help.
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Vandalia Community Unit District No. 203 is okay, it is not the best school that is for sure but it is pretty good on most of tht things. I like how they finally got a softball and baseball team for VJHS instead of not having one and then the only school baseball and softball teams you could get on last year was high school and older.
I like how some of the teachers connected with their students. It makes us what to learn and be in their class more. They showed us that they care about us and that we are not just another student. However, I do not like how everything was changed from textbook to computers.
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