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I don’t want to be alive when I’m at Gaiser middle school cuz it is podunk and people do fat Juul rips in the bathroom
Most of the teachers lack a student-teacher one on one connection. My sister and I have both had to switch schools because of bullying issues in the past.
A great school district with some iffy type administrators and choices made. So great but is falling apart with the leaders of VPS.
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I like everything about it. They have good teachers and all the years I’ve been in the Vancouver school district, I’ve had no complaints. Everything is nice with all the clubs and sports. There’s a lot of variety of things to do and it’s not too cliche.
Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School is a great school. My son really enjoys it and the teachers a first rate. They provide an excellent learning environment.

Parent of a student.
This school district is very diverse, especially my high school. I believe the education at my school is great but could be better because now that I am in college (running start) I feel like I am behind in my education compared to students who come from a more wealthy school.
Overall pretty good, a few problems in admin and support for teachers. The student life and sports community is excellent. The food could be better.
Overall Vancouver school district is very diverse, and parent involvement is lacking. School lunches taste bad and most kids throw away their entire lunch due to this.
I think the Vancouver District is good in the fact that it gives people an average education and many activities or sports to choose from. However, the school could do more in having a higher budget to have more field trips or other types of interactive learning.
I had a very good experience in the VSD. I went to Chinook, Alki, and Skyview which all provided a good education with an opportunity for advanced learning and good school sports. Overall, I would say that the Vancouver schools I attended were great but do need to keep focusing on implementing more elective classes such as woodshop that offer a hands on experience.
My overall experience is average. I believe Vancouver Public Schools could improve on their overall academics and clubs/activities involvement.
The Vancouver school districts supports all of its students and gives them opportunities that most students don’t get.
Letting the students have more freedom. Letting seniors decorate their caps. Giving freshman some opportunities to fail and not fall behind on graduating so early
I really enjoy and appreciate how teachers, staff, and parents are involved with students and activities. Overall Vancouver School District is a great place for learning and everyone within the system is very welcoming.
I love my school (Fort Vancouver High School), but I wish they would pay more attention to the schools that need more remodeling than the newer schools.
I would like to see a change in the athletics department. More diversity and less emphasis on certain sports.
Everyone is so sweet and nice here, the classes are good, and the teachers are always willing to help me when I need help
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I have been in Vancouver School District the majority of my life. The support that was given to me throughout middle school and high school is surprising due to the large population of students at all these schools. Most of my years were joyful and had many extracurriculars and academic help to keep me busy and keep me on the right track. The high schools are much less so but still good for the large number of students they have to take in.
Vancouver school district is inclusive and safe. Students and faculty alike have access to resources to help them grow and succeed. Both sports and academics have equal importance and are exceptional. Parents invest time and resources and play an excellent supporting role in school life. The culture is lively and fun and has promotes a variety of clubs and activities for all students. The schools are also safe and secure while having a large thriving school population. Having spent high school and part of college there I can say I enjoyed my time there. I highly recommend this school district.
The Vancouver School District has allowed me to grow as a person within the community I have grown up in. The education my school has provided me with will be with me forever and help me to succeed in college. Although there are many positives about my school district, there are some things that need to be addressed. The diversity in Vancouver is lacking, and the awareness of different cultures and aspects is not present. Safety is also an issue in my school. Due to the school being older, the layout of the campus is not the safest. Most students have to walk outside to get to class. There are also at least 4 places anyone can enter and exit the school. This allows for anyone to have access to the school and possibly harm the people inside. I believe that if the Vancouver School District focuses more on the diversity and safety issues, the students attend school in the district will have a healthier experience and will be able to thrive without worry of any type of danger.
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