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its a adequate school for seeing a grand mass of diversity, would improve on ground rules or maybe offer some emotional support for students.
I have attended three schools within the Vancouver School District, and when looking back I can confidently say that I cannot recall a single significant issue I have had with my school/school district. There has always been competent administration, good class sizes, beneficial technology implements, student involvement, and special programs to help eliminate poverty within the district and provide help to students in need. There are great art programs, library resources, helpful school counselors, and lots of diverse class and special program options to enrich your learning experience and help you get on your desired career path. When faculty or students have had a noteworthy issue that needed to be protested for, I feel very strongly that their voices were heard and changes were made. While no school system is perfect for the variety of students it serves, I have personally had a very good experience with the Vancouver School District.
I liked that it was a very educationally competitive atmosphere. However I didn’t like the “questionable” students. The ones who didn’t take school seriously. A few freshmen boys, in the class of 2022, tore a bathroom toilet up in one of the restrooms.
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I have been a freshmen, sophmore , junior and finally senior at hudson bay highschool. Although the schools teachers and curiculum is very diverse the food is quite terrible compared to other highschools.
Its fantastic that there are opportunities to do other things such as culinary, welding and diesel mechanics.
Vancouver school district does like to try to make it so every one is getting an education but i would like to the the level of students hating on each other go down.
I have been in the Vancouver School District for most of my life. The teachers are great, and love their students. The teachers and staff only want to see the students do good, they are very invested in the kids. The only thing I would like to see changed is the starts time, it's too early for kids to actually enjoy school.
I like the Vancouver School District, at least their representation in my school. I appreciated my teachers and administrators because they really cared about the students and the subjects they taught. I felt supported and enjoyed learning in all of my classes.
The school is a pretty good school but there are some areas that it is not the strongest in. Our ASB team is not as kind to other students and try to control the school, I would suggest working on that. There is also no diversity at Skyview, it is mostly Caucasian culture and this school needs to bring more attention to other cultures as well. As far as sports go, the football team is the only team that really gets the most acknowledgments. The school blows off rest of the teams and only brings attention to the football team. For example, the cross country gets not acknowledgments at all.
From kindergarten to my 12th grade senior year, I have done it all within the Vancouver School District. I’ve loved staying in the same district my entire schooling, it’s all I know. This means that I had the opportunity to make long term friendships, going from Elementary School then into Middles School and finally High School. Yeah, although we may be not rank the highest or always have the best performance. Students, like me who want a challenge will always be given the opportunity to choose to take AP classes. It’s home and all I’ve ever known and as senior year approaches I’ll be left with the sweet old memories of those 13 years.
While there may be the odd hiccup with how the district treats it's teachers, overall the district has provided many opportunities to it's students and their families. They have activities during school, before school and after school. If they could improve anything, it would be communication with their students. It always seems like there is a chain of people that information has to go through before it actually reaches us.
I’ve been in the VPS school district all of my k-12 education. In my experience I wouldn’t change a thing the teachers,education, equality , respectfulness towards others allowed me to push myself to the fullest with taking honors and AP classes throughout. I wouldn’t change a thing!
I had a good experience in the Vancouver school district. Most teachers were nice and tried to teach while others just thought of being a teacher as a job and grading unfairly due to their angst for their job. They also need to be more open an honest with parents of what really bad things happens at their schools.
Very science oriented with the SMT program as well as great sports teams. Most teachers are very skilled at their job. Many ways of preparing for college and pursuing future goals.
Some newer schools along with many older school buildings. Great partnership for STEM with WSU-Vancouver. Imbalance in athletics due to economic disparities between various high schools. Be sure to research the schools to select the best options.
I don’t want to be alive when I’m at Gaiser middle school cuz it is podunk and people do fat Juul rips in the bathroom
Most of the teachers lack a student-teacher one on one connection. My sister and I have both had to switch schools because of bullying issues in the past.
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A great school district with some iffy type administrators and choices made. So great but is falling apart with the leaders of VPS.
I like everything about it. They have good teachers and all the years I’ve been in the Vancouver school district, I’ve had no complaints. Everything is nice with all the clubs and sports. There’s a lot of variety of things to do and it’s not too cliche.
Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School is a great school. My son really enjoys it and the teachers a first rate. They provide an excellent learning environment.

Parent of a student.
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