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Within the Vallivue School District there are a variety of different opportunities that students can choose from and the teachers are very helpful when it comes to helping the students. They allow for students to be prepared for college and later on in life educationally. This school district has different programs that students can be involved in and allows them the opportunity to leave high school with college credits. This school district could improve in sports because many games are lost. There is a need for there to be an improvement so that students are proud to be from this area.
The teachers are kind and helpful. They’re qualified for what they do. Athletics are definitely more appreciated than the arts. The principal and vice principal are understanding and helpful. The staff overall is easy to work with and flexible.
There are many education opportunities; however, there is lots of bullying and inappropriate behavior that is never resolved.
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As my six years in the vallivue district, I have had a great experience as a student , I have had great experience learning and participating on sports.
I loved everything about Vallivue, I have been in the district since the 3rd grade. There is an amazing staff and I was always excited to go to school with the loving and safe environment.
I really like the unity of this school district. In the future I would like to see better communication.
The staff in most of the Vallivue School District Schools are very supportive and strive to help their students achieve. There is a lot of hard classwork in most of the classes, but they all contribute to the success of the students. In addition, the theater department at Ridgevue High School is top notch, and the teacher is one of the best in the state. However, a lot of the facilities could use some more funds to make it a better learning environment. There are a lot of students, to the point we've needed to build a new school building every few years. Bullying has also been a minor problem, but that is common at most schools.
Ever since I was in elementary I have been in the Vallivue School District and my overall experience has been very good. The teachers love what they do and it reflects in the way that they teach. I have had amazing connections with a lot of my teachers and it helps my learning much more enjoyable. I would like to see a change in the high schools, and the amount of electives they offer because students should have more freedom to expand their horizons and try new things.
I liked their music program and how competitive it was. I would change the lack of adherence to the rules and dress code at Vallivue High School.
I loved the amazing opportunities that were given. The availability of concurrent credits was great, although I wish they had made it easier my freshman year to know which classes were dual credit. They do a great amount for the amount of students they have.
I have moved from West Ada School District to Vallivue School District at the beginning of my sophomore year which was 2016. Ever since I have moved I had better grades, which was dependent on my work ethic not the district. Although the district's graduation requirements are lower than West Ada's which relieved a little of stress. One thing that should be changed is that we should have open campus during lunch, meaning we should have a choice to go home or not to eat lunch. Or at the very least, closed campus but allow students to go to their car during lunch.
The school district is very involved in trying to make each school an amazing learning experience for all who are motivated to learn!
I feel that my kids are getting a great education in a safe environment. I can visit any classroom to observe or volunteer and I feel welcome.
It’s a good high school. The school itself isn’t bad. Safe. And good. The teachers aren’t too bad, with the exception of a few. Some are very rude, and others care so much about each and every student. It’s a hit or miss.
I really enjoyed attending this high school. I made many good friends here. I loved many of the teachers that I had. I feel that the school could have done more to prepare students for college. Although I took many AP classes, I feel that they could have done more to stretch and push me.
If you are going to the Ridgevue High School then you are in good hands. The amount of effort the staff and teachers put into this school is incredible. The people here are treated with respect as anyone should be and multiple teachers I have had here go above and beyond to help the students even when they don't have to.
I enjoy my time at Vallivue High School because we have great student body. There is something for everybody to do in the vallivue community because they offer many different clubs, such as IOU, FHLA, DECA and many more. Not only that but the teachers are outstanding and know what they're doing. They sure do work hard and help the students reach their goals. We also have many college resources such as the career center and a class called avid that helps teens get college ready. However we aren't very diverse I feel the vallivue community is very segregated upon how much money someone has or their popularity status. That is something I feel is very prominent in our school therefore a group of friends and I made a club called It's on US. It is a club that breaks the boundaries of social clicks and welcome others who feel left out.
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Vallivue challenged me academically and scholasticly. Classes and teachers were challenging and helped prepare me for college. Playing basketball also helped with time management and staying healthy.
I have enjoyed my first year at Ridgeview High School, aside from one teacher all of my teachers are great!
There are some teacher at the Vallivue Middle School how do not know how to follow a 504 Accommodation Plan and violate student ADA rights.
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