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Valley View Community Unit School District No. 365-U Reviews

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It is a great district because it is very diverse and teachers are very helpful. Sports teams are thriving, bands are exceeding, and everyone is having a great time in valley view
I’ve gone to Valley View school districts for most of my life and I think the district is pretty okay. I think the district is kind of unfair. Bolingbrook High School gets more money than that of Romeoville High School. So RHS doesn’t really have as many electives as that of BHS.
Valley view School district has the most amazing teachers. I have an IEP that was founded in my Kindergarten year. Throughout my school experience I have always felt that the whole school had my back. I never felt like the kid that had a learning disability but rather the kid that over came her struggles. I am a freshman in high school now and I am still having that same experience. I would never want to leave the valley view school district. I feel that every tool students need is accessible to them and, that every kid that wants the best out of our community can have it with hard work and determination. Being a smaller community I feel has given us a great advantage. We have a lower population than most the districts that surround us. With having a smaller community we have had greater advantages, such as chrome books, and scientific calculates available to us. Our teachers turnover is lower and our district officials are fully committed to all of the students in the district.
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Overall the district is a very good district, provides new ways to educate students and gives transportation too when needed.
i go to bolingbrook high school, and in my three years there there has not been a single teacher that refuses to help me with my homework, and with some teachers it is very easy to form a special friendly bond with, two teachers i can easily say this about are Mr. boyle and Mrs. Sepkowski, they were both my english teachers and they were amazing, also i know that there are fights but i have never actually seen one, showing that they are not very often.
This school is very diverse and if you need help in any subject the teachers are their for you. Plus they have many opportunities for tutoring. I have only taken one art class but the teacher really wanted everyone to succeed in that art program. The amount of AP classes that you can take is a lot of them.
The schools in the districts are fine and have teachers that teach well. they need more programs to connect students
I like the fact that there are so many different ethnicities that get along. The way we make each other feel like we are a part of something. There is strength in numbers and together we are strong.
My went there for 17 years special education. Here has multiple disabilities. It was a little rough in the beginning with evaluation and reviews to get the proper placement. But he was with high honors all thou high School and beyond. Great job Valley View School district #365U.
I went to Valley View Schools for all 12 years of my education, and I am very proud to say that I did. Throughout all of my education, I have always had teachers who care, and that provide me with the resources I need to succeed.
I have graduated from Bolingbrook high School it has been almost four years since then, but the the district as done it's best to maintain a well-rounded educated School. From my experience from k-12 I have noticed that the district would do anything and everything in their power to further improve their schools.
I have overall really enjoyed my experiences at Romeoville High School. However, I do believe that few of the educators could be a bit more passionate about their subject. This would make my experiences even more memorable.
My personal experiences at Bolingbrook High school are ones that I will never forget. Along with those experiences are numerous friends, amazing teachers, and memories that I will hold dear to my heart. I have shared the halls with many people that share common goals and want to continue on their path of success; with that I have had the pleasure of working with tremendous teachers who take pride in helping you not only be great students-but even better people. Given that I was a student athlete all of my four years at BHS, I had the opportunity of playing for coaches who take to heart the idea of being amazing people on and off of the field/court/mat. I would like to thank Bolingbrook High School for having a large impact on the person I am today. Whoever you are, Wherever you go, Honor Bolingbrook, Honor the Raiders!
I like that the teacher care about your success and push. I like that we get to see different cultures and meet new people and I like that we a lot of resources to help us get to success.
The best part about the valley view school district was the administration's involvement in making an environment inclusive to all students. They went above and beyond to show awareness about different cultures and communities to staff and students.
Nice and safe school district. The principal of Bolingbrook High School really cares about the students and motivates them to work hard and achieve their goals.
Very well notified district. Communication between teachers and parents is very good as well. Safety is a primary concern of the high school and they take care in releasing of the children from the schools.
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They have many clubs you can join. The teachers are nice, and they truly want to see you succeed. Tutoring is always available, if you need it.
I attended valley view district since the first grade, and have been been involved for a long within it. With my experience here it was overall, a good time and taught me what I needed to know. The school wasn't the best but it wasn't the worst either, it provided me with everything that I needed for my educational career.
The experience was good, for a big school, academically things are done well. Some of the rules are unreasonable, but overall, the school is doing great academically. It is very diverse and it is a great school for meeting all types of people and most importantly, networking. There's plenty of different clubs, for things people enjoy most. The college readiness is not too good, but then again no other high school is good with that.
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